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~Altria's Chest of Chance~
Until I come up with something better random things will go here.Recent sketches and drawings,bits of written things or poetry.What I feel like putting down and sharing about my life.Recently seen and read things.Something funny,strange or maybe sad.
My Rp Characters pt 1
~To keep track of characters created for RP, posting their profiles here.

Altria Mien Cross

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♥--- The Surface
Name x Altria Mien Cross
Gender x Female
Age x 17

♠--- Below the Surface

Quirks x
~Bites on her lower lip when nervous or worried.
~Always has sketchbook and pencil with her.
~Hilariously horrible at cooking but can bake well.
~Sneaks out to sleep outdoors in moonlight.
~Will stop whatever she's doing to write or sketch down ideas.
~Grumpy in the mornings.
Interests x
~Reading and books.
~Dressing up.
~Anime and manga.
~Sleeping in late.
~Being outside.
~Trying different teas.

Disinterests x
~Creepy and scary things.
~Restraining spaces.
~Cold weather.

Behind the Face x
Altria is a calm,quiet dreamer that sometimes comes off as uncaring and cold.She has trouble meeting new people and that furthers removed image.She's incredibly patient and has a certain softness about her.Making good listener she has uncany ability to offer words one needs to hear,getting to the heart of things.However,she has tendency to speak her mind,be it at best or worst of times,and possesses quite the sarcastic tongue.Having incredible stubborn streak it's nearly impossible to changer her mind once it's made up.Altria values friendship and honesty,being loyal and protective of those dear.Tranquility of her calm breaks if provoked,annoyed or angered enough,bad temper showing.Optimistic outlook of her childhood got exchanged for cynic look at life and there's bitterness at her parents never being there-she keeps both hidden down.

Feel the Music x Theme Song

♦--- Deep Down
The Memories x
Altria has lived a perfectly ordinary life so far.Her parents are always kept busy at work,with mother a well known psychiatrist and father a renowned orthopedic surgeon.Though they've made an effort to set aside enough time for Altria something would always come up and her childhood was spent in an empty house.She had difficulty making friends,immersing into fantasy worlds of books instead,especially liking world mythology.She had very active imagination and would spent hours daydreaming.Her imaginary friend got created in stages,begining with glimmer of idea and ending with whole person coming into being.Those were the best days for her,reading and drawing together,having someone to spend time with and not be all alone.As she grew up the ability to see her imaginary friend slowly faded,leaving behind feeling of something important lost.Her parents started having certain expectations-to have only best grades,do volunteer work,enroll in clubs,study hard and after highschool enroll in medical school.Altria has different ideas,wanting to attend art university.There've been countless arguments over the subject,making her withdraw further, veiling anger behind sarcasm and cynic outlook.Though maintaining good grades she dropped all the clubs besides art,spending most time reading in the library or drawing somewhere outdoors.
Altria Mizuno

For RP: Imaginary.
Url: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/barton-town/needs-1g-and-3b/t.75552905/
Status: Died)
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Here in Underland, they call me...Atelia Bellemorte

I may be eighteen years old, but I'm still kicking!

Can't you tell by looking that I'm a girl?

Well, well, wouldn't you like to know that? Bisexual.

I'm quite the angel, you know. I'm a dreamer assuming roles put before her,hiding well madness within.Highly curious of things around me yet ambiguously cryptic in nature.Playful,one to enjoy struggle of wits and interesting banter.I find danger thrilling,anything to escape dullness.

I play the Red Queen in this game.

The method to my madness? Well...there were always dreams.All kinds of lovely dreams that I could escape into from conundrums of what is called real.A nice family,familiar job,good friends,perhaps even a beau.It was all quite pleasant...And quite dull.I do not recall when this particular dream appeared,only it was suddenly just there,every single time.It became progressively more real until the night red garbed noble lady appeared.Now,I'm here..where-ever here is.Am I still dreaming?Or have I fallen in?

Taking a picture, are you? Let me make a pose then. Above,my dears.

(For: A New Underland
Status: Died. )

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Character's Name: Atelia Silvanne Phirun
Character's Age: Twenty-one
Character 's Sex:Female
Character's Element:Air
Character's Powers: Manipulation of air and being able to listen to the wind.
Character's Fears: Enclosed spaces,Confinement and Complete darkness.
Character's Likes: High places, exploring, singing, chocolate, conversations.
Character's Dislikes: Fanfare and ceremony, being still, creepy things, arrogance.
Character's Pairing: Fire prince.
Character's Love Interest: ...
Character's Bio:
Growing up oldest child of only two royal heirs Atelia has never wanted for anything in her life. Toys, books, pets- what princess wished she received. It was a satisfactory feeling as a very young child but the older she got, the more palace felt like a stifling cage. There were trips with father to countryside or other towns, he kept both children at his side so they could learn, but joy of trip itself was always overshadowed by fanfare royal visits raised. There were always guards to protect and watch her every move while Atelia wanted to be free as wind element she was tied to; wishing to go out on adventures and explore. It became a frequent routine for her to sneak out without informing anyone, traveling to town incognito or heading out for cliff peaks near the palace. She would always get scolded for it after returning or being brought back but spark in her fathers eyes also said he understood the compulsion.

Atelia is a cheerful, spirited individual, always trying to make the best of things. She moves about with lightness of air and never stays still too long. High and open spaces lure her in, as does promise of exploring new places. She can be airy and quiet, stuck in some dream or idea, until you get her attention again. Incredible recklessness she has tendency to display makes job of her guards that much harder. It's not done on purpose,rather something she can't help with. It's incredibly hard to get her angry, most things slide off or get dismissed with airy laugh. Dance and song where two arts from royal academy course she truly took to, loving and excelling in both.

Learning of the agreement for arranged marriages left her dumbstruck. Such a thing never even occurred, she imagined of someday leaving her brother to rule and going off to check on countrysides in his stead, spending little time as possible inside palace walls. To this time, she hasn't figured out how to deal with the idea that was so quickly becoming reality. Though rebelling inside against having to marry someone she's never even met before Atelia packed her books and belongings, journeying to destined castle.

User Image
Character's Name: Asher Durande Geist, Devouring Shadow
Character's Age: Twenty-five
Character's Sex: Male
Character's Principle: Kate Iris Sable, Princess of Shadow Kingdom.
Character's Powers:
~Shadow Forming~ Asher can manipulating shadows around to form things out of them: a blade to attack with, ropes to restrain enemy, shield to deflect attack, even simple swatch of shadow to mask sound.It's a fairly common power within Shadow Kingdom. His favorite thing to do is create shadow wings for flight. He can create simple creatures out of those shadows too, they act on simple commands like guard, follow, spy or attack, or can be directly controlled, lasting as long as he can keep power going - around two hours on average unless it's mice size creature, those he can keep in existence indefinitely. Two such creatures he always keeps around, having named them Zero and Null; usually leaving Null stationed with Princess Kate to keep eye on her without being bodily present, able to hear and see everything his creature does. Zero meanwhile is kept around with him more as pet then anything else. Having had both creatures existing for many a year now they've acquired personalities and become more life like.
~Shadow Step~ This allows one to step between shadows to move locations. Asher has less finesse over it and uses rarely.
Character's Fears: Light without shadows. Failing to protect his charge. Losing sight of his true self beneath all the masks. Inner dark. Hurting Kate without meaning to. Losing control.
Character's Likes: Witty banter. Night and darkness. Classic music. Shamisen. Smoking his kiseru. Battles. Singing. Danger. A good drink. Moonlight and moon.
Character's Dislikes: Day time. Weakness. Cowards. Noisy people. King and Queen. Loud noise. Boredom. Loneliness. Heat and dry climates.
Character's Love Interest: None? Or is there something more in his feelings towards Kate...
Character's Bio: Asher is an excellent example of the best and worst of Shadow Kingdom. His extensive family is infamous as cleaners for the crown, shadows within shadows performing whatever function King required; be it spying, making someone disappear, running security or protecting an object or person. In each generation several members of family would join as Royal Knights, being on official payroll and remaining close to King. The one with senior post would become head of family, relaying and overseeing given assignments. His father gained this position when Asher was three years old, beginning to groom his two sons as future successors from then on. At age of seven they were both given star shaped mark, signification of their initiation into 'family business.' Asher was never truly close with any of his family except his sister Aria, elder by five years. She was one of only good influences in his life, trying to steer him into lesser dark.

Asher proved ruthless and determined, plowing through the ranks in fight to reach top first. He was a terror on any battlefield, be it simple mission to dispatch bandits raiding along borders or complicated hunt for renegades within kingdom. Blood thirst young man displayed frightened allies as much as enemies, getting him nicknamed Devouring Shadow. During this time his precious elder sister was killed on one of secret assignments taking place out of the kingdom. Devastated Asher retreated into himself more, pouring even more energy into reaching top. He's performed inquiries on the side towards truth behind Aria's final assignment and identity of her killer but it never lead to light. Though it felt like years since joining he was only fifteen upon reaching one of highest ranks - Chief Commander of Seventh division. It was a division that specialized in quick responses and providing support but rank was rank and his now was higher then fathers, in turn putting him as head of the family.

It was just two years later that King summoned him for private audience, informing him of new post - Royal Guard to her Highness Kate. She was turning twelve and it was decided would need a more competent guardian to watch over her. Asher was speechless...from fury. All his sweat and blood spilled, hours of training, and they were going to put him as babysitter? Never! He made rather unfortunate choice to voice his opinions on the matter - loudly and rudely - resulting in prolonged trip to the dungeons. Once free, the matter was already sealed and settled, with his brother Lethe getting promotion into his previous position. He had no choice in the matter whatsoever, receiving mark of Royal Guardian on right cheek, always visible place for pointed reminder to remember his place in the food chain.

He resented and perhaps even hated Princess at first, or tried too. But it was hard to blame daughter for fathers decision and for just existing. Young Kate has also reminded him great deal of Aria. Over the next eight years Asher settled down, becoming calmer then before and less eager for bloodshed. He wore long hours away practicing his powers, resulting in their growth and much better mastery then before. Deciding to pick up an instrument he started with guitar and progressed towards shamisen. He has gotten along well with young Prince and has come to think of Kate as younger sister, on the ready to gut anyone for looking at her wrong, being quite overprotective on many occasions. Though she is Queen he dislikes her mother for traumatizing young child into becoming an obedient doll, sneakily finding ways for giving Princess reprieve.

Asher is a mystery of a person, having so many masks it's difficult to decide which is his real face. He can come off as lazy,easy going and with devil-may-care attitude, smoking his kiseru in the corner and out of sight, but moment you approach Kate he's suddenly there by her side out of nowhere, a passively aggressive presence intimidating and frightening enough to send one scurrying away. Once he breaks his quiet Asher is a sarcastic pessimist with black sense of humor, penchant for recklessness, love of danger, methodical ways and opinion on everything, one he doesn't mind sharing aloud whether you're servant or royalty. He's brash, blunt and a skillful liar who knows how to charm. He used to have reputation as a horrible flirt but it died with change in post, all advances towards his person getting turned down these days. One easy to anger, his words cut worse then steel when mad.

The whole marriage by Gods decree thing looks suspicious to Asher, especially after having noted how all joinings would create alliances of complementing elements to power each other, some less in balance then others. Keeping thoughts and suspicions to himself he's resolved to keep Kate safe no matter what, and Erebus as well. As for instruction to make certain marriages proceeded as planned..well..he's been to known to take liberties in interpreting orders.

(RP: Elements Meet
Status: Closed. Restarted.)

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