Well hello,

I have no idea why I'm doing this, i have no idea honestly why im back on this site yet again i guess its because here i can be who i want and dont have to pretend like i do in the real world.but i came here to write about whats been happening to me lately. i've been having trouble at work which is making me want to quit my job a career i've put four years of my life into and im just about to throw it down the drain but hey s**t happens right yeah i guess. ive been so depressed lately and as i sitting here typing this listing to old emo bands i use to listen to back in 2007 i just cant seem tof igure out how to get this crazy life of mine together . im just sitting here typing and smoking a cigerette and just wondering is the beginning of the end of me or have i reach the end of the beginning only time will tell from this point so just stick around and you will see