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Hi everyone who reads this~!♥ (Or doesn't)
It's been a long day and.....I FEELS LIKE TYPING X3 Or whatevr D:
Lol. ANYWAYS~~ Art shop has been doing well, and schools okay : D Although it could be better D: I like all my teachers so far (Especially Mr. Mammola : D) And HATE Mr. MILLER!! xD Lol, Not really, but he's really borrrriiiiinnnngggggg~ *yawn*
But all is....okay! Today was my friend Kelly's birthday! And I made her cuppycakes in the shape of watermelons!! : D Well sorta =/ SOMEWHAT xD
I still have homework....I guess I'll go work on it now since no one is talking to meeeeeee.....;__;

~L/ Miaaaaa <3333333