The journeys of Ormagon: Story One: The Beginning.
Lo and let the story be told of a man born to steel under the journey of Thor’s chariot. Let his name be known for the name of this man child is Ormagon. His father a smith and his father’s father before him, unto the beginning of his line back unto the birth of Ygdrasil from the heart of Ysmir. Born was he to the work of a smith and glad was he and diligent in his work under his fathers tutelage. Long was this path and he did know great joy in his lot in life soon was he a man of twenty years, his parents old and grey yet still full of love and life for their son but lo did tragedy loom ahead in his life’s weaving. One day while out gathering kindling for the family forge from the nearby forest a large team of marauding bandits did come upon Ormagon’s home while on the warpath. Weep for him as they left nothing for him to find on his return to home but ash and the bones of his beloved mother and father. Lo did a rage consume him and from bits and scraps did he makeshift a spear to hunt down the evil that had done this even at the cost of his own life, his rage would accept no less. He was familiar with the use of many weapons and was well familiar with the forests of his home, this due to his trade. Soon with a thunderous fury did he find the bandits at rest and with a great outcry did he descend upon them killing many even as they flew in fear from the rightful justice he brought on their heads.
Lo did a challenge arise for the head of the bandits’ lot did leave his tent to confront Ormagon and bring swift death upon him. He was many times larger than Ormagon scathed in thick armor wielding a trine its runes proclaiming its writ as Goltura. a name born of the foul tongue of giant kind. Lo in one fell blow did the bandit leader smash Ormagon to the ground breaking asunder his spear as if it were a child’s toy for in comparison little more it was. As Ormagon waited for his dishonorable defeat the bandit leader did raise his trine high. Lo just as the strike was to sound; Odin’s judgment! A great sky stone did end the bandit leader’s life swiftly with fire and great calamity. Great was the force of Odin’s judgment and far did it cast Ormagon’s body from the place of battle. All he knew was darkness. When he awoke he was most surprised to see the devastation long in the distance and to find himself not at the gate of judgment. Soon did he realize the situation and did vow to gain the strength and honor worthy of the cast of fortune. He would continue in his fathers cast and make war also with those who made offence to the honor of the gods and goodness of men. He would fight and prove himself worthy and in the thorough of death he would present also the fruits of his labor, giving wares worthy of Odin and his host. Lo and this is the start to Ormagon’s journey.