Okay so I did ONE journal since I have been on Gaia.

So I better start making one or two lol.

Alright so Christmas is coming up and we are all going nuts buying gifts, asking gifts and vice versa. I'm busy in my own way looking for gifts and making a small wishlist, I'm also hunting down a job to aid me in saving up for random things. *cough*school*cough*

Other than that, I have been doing good and listening to some weird tunes, drawing some new art stuffs for my DA. And my small job of babysitting my neice and nephew's. And I'm trying hard to prep for the winter since I hate it so much. Damn you ice and snow, your so beautiful but you suck a**.

Now besides that, I want you all to spend a wonderful Christmas with friends and loved ones, but if you are alone, be glad peoples....a house and holiday to yourself to have your own fun and relaxation.

P.S: Here is a song for you crazy and awsome people/ friends~! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHID8hMgWKc&list=FLEeJSU2sG1JB-N0JeYjdBvw&feature=mh_lolz