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A Slice of Heaven
Daily things about me, if my profile isn't enough for my stalkers. I love you. What's with the title? I don't know, but I like it.
After three hours of doing last minute Spanish homework I feel like I am doomed.
*aghast, aghast, aghast*

I just can't spoke Mexican. gonk
All I knows how to spoke is United Stateish.

So, dear non-existent readers, I'm going to start writing in this because I'm bored and, like, actually working on my writing projects would just put my productive levels in a place we're we just don't want to go, and I just like to write about myself. Keeps me from writing self-inserts.

Lately I've been feeling a bit used, abused and frustrated.
Frustrated because Pikachu won't play with his mental stimulation toy. This cat can get two different kind of cat treat jars open, he can figure out this toy. He does it on purpose. He is a conniving, S.O.B...
I think I can actually see signs of him aging, just a little....I mean, he's more cuddly. He's always been the type of cat that doesn't mind if you cuddle him, but he doesn't care if you don't, he's almost needy now. OR, maybe he's doing this whole charade so I'll give him treats, and I'm not going to give him treats until he plays with his Mental Stimulation. >;0

My Grandma is 70 now. O.O
For her birthday we just did some Chinese food, a cake and some little presents. This Friday we're going to take her to the new Medea movie. I like that my grandma wants to go out, 70 isn't old if you don't make it out to be.

Yo tengo clase de arte tomorrow-o.
Flawless Spanish, baby.
Actually, I'm suppose to know that word for tomorrow by tomorrow, and unlike Trivia facts I can't just remember this j**z.

New Favorite Song:
Coming]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heF9OSHZ4tY]Coming Home Cover

The combo of Destorm and Boyace Avenue is just awesome musically. I love their music separate, together it's magical.
And the fact that they are both muy heiss.
Heiss is hot in German.

Desi the fuzzy fluffhead
Community Member
Desi the fuzzy fluffhead
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