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Pykra's Rose....of secrets
Kiss of Eternal Snow
Snow, snow
Eternal snow
Fall, fall
Embrace me
Freeze my pain
Bury it under
Your endless ice blaknet
Make it so
My life
Is a wonderfull crystal bliss
Please give me
The rare chance
Of your eternal kiss
Immortalize me in
Your frozen ice tomb
For you time has
No meanig
For you the hands of the clock
Are broken-off
You progress through time
But do not age
I wish to basque
In your eternal snow
You do not feel pain
Immortaly unwounded
Your embrace would
Bring me
Unbounding happiness
Oh snow, Oh snow
Everlasting eternal snow
Fall down, Fall down
Embrace me
Freeze my pain
Bury it under
Your endless ice blanket...

Lunar Moon-lit Lake
A lunar moon-lit lake
is indeed a wonderful sight
but the only time to witness it's beauty
is in the midst of night

At the stroke of the moment
the water of the lake comes alive
you can feel all the magic around you
and in a sence you feel revived

Follow me on the path of moon-stones
our our destination will leave you in tears
for just the sight of this magestic landscape
will relieve you of your darkest fears

When the time is right and the moon is full
you can see things you don't normaly see
and with the power of the moon-lit lake
you can be things you can't possibly be!

With the power the lake will give you
you will develope the 'sight'
you will be able to see beauty in everything
see the sweet darkness in light

Come the burning sunrise, however
the magic will be gone
though the power was addicting
you knew you'd give it up all along

As you turn and leave you realize
your happiness replaces your sorrow
you smile and happily promise yourself
I'll come back tommorow

Recovery (part 2 of "The Darkness Inside My heart)
The darkness inside my heart
The recovery is slow but sure
I feel my confidence reganing
I now understand that I am the cure

The darkness inside my heart
Like a nightmare I push it away
Somehow I will overcome it
For this darkness will not stay

The darkness inside my heart
My heart grows stronger with every beat
I will not loose this batle
It is the darkness I will defeat

The darkness inside my heart
It becomes a shadow behind me
But the fact that will haunt me forever is-
That thing was born inside me

The darkness is defeated!
And never again will I succumb
To that wreched, loathed, and weak

Not Always
sometimes it's better to forget than to forgive
sometmes it's more bearable to die than to live

sometimes your speecheless and have nothing to say
sometimes in a bad situation it's best to turn and walk away

sometimes you want to laugh but all you do is cry
sometimes you ask yourself: 'is my life just a lie?'

sometimes love is something you'll never recieve
sometimes love is a loved-one you've grieved

sometimes a smile is a thing you should fear
sometimes all your memories are confided in a single tear

sometimes eternity is in the blink of an eye
sometimes the truth is the most decietful lie

sometimes the simplest things are the things that are most profound
sometimes the music of silence is the most cherished sound

sometimes your heart is as cold and hard as a stone
sometimes even in a crowd you are still alone

sometimes we live and sometimes we die
sometimes all the world's magic is in a sorrow lullabye

sometimes the moon will outshine the sun
sometimes your worst fears are actually quite fun

sometimes you scream out of cheer and delight
sometimes a wolf will howl in the silence of the night

sometimes the earth will spin your way
sometimes your life is drained of it's color and everything turns gray

sometimes we're young and sometimes we're old
sometimes an unborn life is just a story untold

sometimes we escape death by avoiding the reaper's syth
sometimes that still won't grant us our dream of eternal life

sometimes when we're lost in the darkness we become the light
sometimes in a loosing battle we still find the stregnth to fight

sometimes we can't see but in the end we knew where we were going
sometimes we loose our souls without knowing

sometimes we're the canvas and sometimes we're the paint
sometimes we're the devil and sometimes we're the saint

sometimes people say my poem is too extensive
sometimes I simply reply to them "your tastes are just too expensive"

heart heart heart

The Darkness Inside My Heart
The darkness inside my heart
I wish I could explain
Why I have these dark feelings
Just to ease my pain

The darkness inside my heart
I'm slowly going insane
I wish to stand inside a raging storm
Consumed by it's icy rain

The darkness inside my heart
I'm becoming a soul-less doll
No more feelings, no more emotions
Because the evil took it all

The darkness inside my heart
Fills me with rage and hate
You think there's still time to save me
Try, it's already too late

The darkness inside my heart
I want it to go away
But in this war inside my heart
I no longer have a say

The darkness inside my heart
Inside i feel hollow and frozen
But the sad, horrible truth is
This is the path i've chosen...

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