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The writtings on the walls
This is the place were i hide in my rhymes my only crime soon will take all my time and when it does ill fly with the doves and the world will live. Free in prosperity
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Name: Elshi
Age: Unknown
Race: Inari God/ Dragon Demon
Tribe: Kitazuki
Powers: Depends on the stage he is in.
Element: Earth, wind, fire, water, light, and dark
Weapon 1: Dragons Bane - Elshis family blade. Is the first foci of his powers and the one that he always has at his side in a sheath that keeps the power from seeping back into his body. The power in the blade is so intense that it can singe the hands of anyone else that touches it.
Weapon 2: Devils eye - Elshi's summoning weapon. Its stages are listed below with a picture of what the summoning looks like.
corrupted/The Twisted twins/ The Holy twins/ Demons bane/Sin/ Can summon Elemental powers using the eye as well
Weapon 3: His own demons power. Can split his dragon body into five different forms.
Transformations:Fox demon/Full dragon form/Stage 1 Dragon form/Stage 2 Dragon form
Stage three has a description in rp and so does stage 4 or cocoon form.
Bio: Elshi was born in village that practiced the art of sealing demons in humans and generally any type of seals that could be used. After mastering all of the different kinds of seals, his village was destroyed when they attempted the Devils Summoning Seal, which was the Seal to Summon Sin. Being the only survivor of the incident Elshi Set out with the Devils eye to Seal Sin away forever. As he did he sealed the three other higher Demi Gods and the Elemental powers of the world. He had also sealed his Family blade the Demons Bane in the eye do to the fact that it contained his second foci power. Now he is the king of the Inaris and the only person that is wise enough to be able to use his seal way more effectively than most people can.

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