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Plot: The kingdom of Agrithmea... Dark, evil and only out for power... The kingdom of Sirayna, good, light and out to make sure the world is as safe as it can be. Five years ago the princess from Sirayna disappeared and nobody knew where she went. Along with her, a golden talisman that belonged to the king was also stolen, leaving the kingdom open and vulnerable to evil which the talisman had warded off for hundreds of years.

Now, darkness is threatening to overthrow Sirayna and the King has fallen deathly ill. It turns out that the talisman's magic also managed to keep the King's ill health away and keep him on his feet. Ever since birth the King had been sick, always needing help and then the talisman began to work it's magic, keeping him strong so he could lead his kingdom without difficulty. So, with their whole kingdom in trouble, a young knight ________ set out to Agrithmea, planning to consult them about the thievery, blaming them for stealing the princess, whom he'd been good friends with, and the talisman.

When he gets there, they deny it and he agrees to leave them bee, however he doesn't trust them and sneaks around the castle. When he stumbles upon a certain room, he discovers the princess there, but she doesn't seem to be herself. It turns out they'd experimented on her and she has changed from that in many ways. Now they must find out what they've done to her and discover where the talisman is, since the princess says they sent it far away from the kingdom in hopes to make sure their enemy falls.

Time... It was somewhat of a distant memory to her. She wasn't sure how many hours... Days... Months... Years had gone by since she'd been taken from her home. Heck, she didn't even remember where home was, what it looked like.... Anything. She did however remember some of her favorite moments there, the great memories she'd fought hard to cherish. Some were just of her in the garden, another spent with a certain knight she'd become great friends with... All only memories, nothing that felt real to her anymore.

Sitting in the small room, chains binding her in place so she couldn't move. Yes, her captors were scared of her now, of their own creation. Fear? What was that? They'd created her, destroyed her, and she found herself wondering if she'd ever go back to normal. Emotion was something that seemed almost pointless to her now, she'd lost them... Fear? It did nothing, it never saved her from them. Courage? It only made things worse for her. Happiness, she hadn't been happy for years and she was way past sadness, why would she dwell on such emotions?

Hope and dreams shattered, life destroyed, herself changed, the young princess always just sat in wait for her chance. The only real emotion inside of her? Revenge, and even that was only because of what they'd done to her. She didn't even feel her revenge and anger at a scale most people would, it wouldn't do anything for her. Their fear was about her revenge, they knew that they'd turned her into something that would be hard to control. She was a killer now, she had been trained with the sword day after day and the experiments allowed her to use so many abilities that hadn't even been thought of in this time.

None of this bothered her, she may be a freak now... An experiment of an evil kingdom, but she wasn't about to let that stop her from her goal. To destroy their lives as much as they'd destroyed hers. The kind, caring and innocent girl she'd once been was buried deep inside, a tiny thread hanging on, desperately trying to sew itself back together, but she knew it wouldn't be easy, maybe not even possible for that innocence and kindness to return.

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The kingdom of Athira is in danger, great danger. A curse has been laid upon it and the only way to stop it, is by killing their princess. She is a very kind at heart woman and would do anything to protect her people. Her death had been fortold long ago, and she always knew this time would come along.

The problem? She was also cursed long ago and hidden in a cave far away from Athira. Inside, she lays on a bed in a contructed room deep within the caves depths always sleeping. The only way to free her is with a kiss, the twist on that too is that whoever kisses her, will be bound to her. The two cannot be far away from each other or else they begin to weaken and eventually they'll both die. She must obey everything and anything her hero tell her to do.

A saviour has stepped forth, being payed loads of money in order to fetch her and bring her back alive. He knows nothing of her being brought back in order to die to stop the curse, which when at it's peak will slowly kill off everything inside the kingdom. What would happen if he falls in love with her and finds out her fate? Things wouldn't turn out too well.

This hero has been on the journey to this cave for a while and knows that ahead of him would be many challenges. Surely people wouldn't allow the princess to just stroll back home without troubles, people on the way will most likely try and stop them. Protection is the goal, nothing more then that and nothing less. Ransom, death... Enemies of Athira are sure to do anything to bring the kingdom to it's knees through her.

Atalanie, the princess awaits now... Dressed in a simple yet elegant dress and asleep awaiting her time to be free once more. What she doesn't know, is that her time is coming quickly as the hero approaches the cave, ready to begin the real journey and save his kingdom from it's impending doom.

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Kyorie was breathing heavily as she slammed the door to her room, her father was still yelling at her from the other side of it. Her hand felt along the door until she found the lock and she clicked it into place. Her father was beginning to pound on the door yelling at her. Of course she had come home at the wrong time, as in when he was drunk out of his mind. She looked down at her arms and saw the bruises already forming. She could also feel one forming on her side. With a sigh she walked to her bed, grabbing her MP3 off the desk as she went and flopped on her bed, curling into a small ball and listening to her music. She never got any new stuff anymore since her mother died, her father turned into a total drunk and abusive father who didn't care about her. The only person who seemed to care now was her friend Raiden but her father forbid them to hang out, which of course they ignored. Every now and then Raiden would show up at her house and climb the wall vines that led to her window and would come in, he seemed to always know when she needed him and she found herself wondering if he would shoiw up tonight. The banging and yelling finally stopped and she knew her dad had gone downstairs to drink some more and watch television. Kyorie closed her eyes and let the music take her away.

~{ Please be Raiden, though you can change his name if you want }~

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To save a loved one...

Angel's... They're supposed to be perfect and live in the perfect place called heaven. But she was one of those people and she wasn't living there... When she discovered that the one she loved was supposed to die she left, determined to protect him. It was strange, she had never thought that one day she would die in a terrible car crash and end up being his guardian angel. Here she was, little old Melanie, looking for the one she missed and loved just to protect him even though doing so meant she wouldn't be able to go back to that perfect plce called heaven.

She was still searching for him on earth, still looking. To the humans she was another human. Only to certain people would she show her wings. Of course, being an angel she looked alot more beautiful like angels were supposed to be. But you could still see her old self in there still. The city below her was where she had last seen him and she hoped he was still there. With a deep breath she entered the city into the busy streets. It was dark and all the lights from buildings were glowing, sending random streaks of colour everywhere as she walked through crowds who were going to parties or friends houses in search of him.

…could mean hell for you.

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It feels pointless to live...

As she lay on the cold hard ground dying she could only think of a few things. That this was probably the end of her village, she was actually dying, and he didn't keep his promise. A few months after her best friend left the village it was attacked, that's the reason she was dying. There were fires to the houses around her and she had been stabbed by the blade of one of the people who were attacking the village. It took alot of strength to keep her eyes open and watch the horror around her. Nobody would be able to help her, there were people dying left and right, young and old. And he, her best friend never returned like he had promised. Not in time anyway, he said he'd come back and she had waited for months and he still hadn't returned and now she was dying and would probably never see him again.

The screams of dying filled the air and soon it even began to rain. The rain felt cold and hard for it was coming down hard. Her vision was blurring slightly as she watched feet run past her and bodies falling to the ground. The screams and cries were also fading and she knew she wouldn't last much longer.

…When the one who said they'd be there aren't.

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Nobody wanted her there, she knew it... They all thought she was a freak. Though she didn't want to be there and they didn't want her there, she had to go, she had no choice in the matter. Her parents had died not too long ago, they had been murdered by some people who were after them for the power they both had. Her mother was able to see the future and her father could trick your mind to make you think things like a piece of paper he could be holding is really a hundred gold coins. After they were killed, people came to 'help' her and take her to a family who would watch her until further preparations were complete.

But there was a problem, she was wanted as well for her own strange power. She was able to see the future too but she could see whoever’s future she wanted as long as there was a reflective object she could look into. Not only could she see the future but the past and present as well, at this very moment she was in her new 'room' at the house she would be staying in for a while looking into the vanity mirror, revisiting the memories of the past. The man who had driven her to the house was downstairs talking to the parents in the household at that very moment, she had just finished packing and was now ust waiting to leave again. She focused on what she was seeing and tried her best to tune the voices from downstairs out.

After a while the voices downstairs halted as the man who had brought her to the family left. There were still faint voices of the two adults downstairs who were charged with watching her for the time being but she took no notice of them, instead she took her gaze away from the mirror to look at the clock which read 3:18. With a sigh she looked back at the mirror but didn't bother looking into the past present or the future, she was just looking at herself. Downstairs she could hear the door open and close again before her name was being called by the woman in the family "Kalindee! Come and meet the whole family!" With a sigh, Kalindee got up and walked into the hall and down the stairs until she got to where the woman and man were with a boy about her age that she assumed was their son.

Vampire Love Story

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She wasn't a vampire, not even close. But her family was, ever since her mother, who had fallen in love with the vampire's leader, was killed she lived with the strange, beautiful creatures. She was just another one of their family to them, they took care of her as long as she made herself useful, and that's what she did. She would work around the big mansion filled with the vampire coven as a sort of maid, whether it was cleaning or sometimes even hunting with them, though of course it was hard when she didn't have the lightning quick reflexs like her family did, still she would somtimes bring home something good enough for at least one vampire. Being human she would cook her own human food.

That's what she was doing now, making her food in the huge kitchen, she found herself thinking about a certain vampire, the leaders son to be exact. He never really talked to her all that much but she liked him more than alot of the others. He was around her age, looks anyways, he had to be over one hundred years old, but she could easily get past that. She smiled slightly as she made her quick meal of a piece of chicken and some rice.

((Please be the son of the leader... You don't HAVE to but it would be appreciated))

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Bio: Akina is a Sairin, an animal like human. They are few in numbers but they can live longer than humans could ever think to live. The Sairins and Humans have lived in peace for many years now. But now the Kings advisor, Karol, wants the riches that the Sairins have. They live in the forests across the ocean from the great city where Karol resides. Karol decided to send some of his forces to slaughter all the Sairins, but cover up to say that they were imply there to learn about the Sairins way of life, something that the Humans never really looked into before.
The Sairin are all very kind to everyone and try to get along with every creature they meet. So now the selected few of Karols men have set off to live with the Sairin for a few days and when the time’s right, kill them all. Some of the men aren’t big on the idea but if they refused then Karol would have them punished in some way. Akina’s father, the leader of the Sairin, isn’t at all worried about these Humans that are on their way. He figures that the humans haven’t taken interest in their treasures before so they would be no reason to now. The only reason they have treasures is because the mountains are behind them which hold great gems and precious metals. Akina, the princess, is rather excited to meet humans. She didn’t know what the creatures looked like and couldn’t wait to learn about them.

Starter: Akina ran through the forest at a great speed, dodging trees and jumping over large rocks. She came to a cliff that overlooked the ocean. She could see a large, strange looking thing floating on the water, coming towards them. It must have been the humans! She watched as the strange floating thing came up on the shore below her. She jumped down from the cliff into the trees and began to climb through them until she got to where creatures almost identical to her began to assemble on the sand of the beach. These creatures didn’t have markings on themselves like her and her clan. They also obviously didn’t have awesome instincts because they hadn’t heard her yet. She simply continued watching for now and one of the humans caught her eye, although he was a different race as her she found him more interesting than the others. He, attracted her and it felt strange. She knew it was attraction but she had never been attracted to someone before, none in her clan was of interest to her. Sure, she loved them all, but as family. But this human was different to her, and she was determined to meet him.

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Bio: Zahira is a princess to a great kingdom. But she doesn’t know this. When she was still young her mother left her father, the King, and married another man who abused Zahira and her older brother. Her step-father soon feared that Zahira and her brother would find out about their heritage and try to leave and rule, resulting in punishment for him for abusing them. One night Zahira’s mother sat down with her and her brother Raiden and told them about their heritage, not knowing their step-fathers fear. When Zahira’s step-father learned that they now knew, he killed Zahira’s mother.
When Raiden discovered this, he took Zahira and they ran away, their step father just chased after them, mind set on their deaths. News spread quickly and Zahira’s father found out about his children’s escape. He sent some of his knights in different directions to go out and find his children and bring them back. It’s turned into a huge race for the prince and princess, which was bound to turn out bloody.

Starter: Zahira couldn’t see anything, only blackness. The only thing she remembered was being pushed off a small cliff into a forest filled with thorns. She remembered her brother screaming her name as she fell and remembered her step fathers smile as she fell. Now, she was aware of the pain that was surging through her body. She knew that she was alive and she must have been being pierced by hundreds of tiny thorns. She could feel warm blood running down her body and winced at the pain when she tried to move. She was suddenly aware that her brother’s footsteps could be heard and soon he was by her side weeping. She forced her eyes open to look at him. How had he made it to her? She wasn’t sure, but when she saw her step-father behind them, she got worried.
Raiden was shaking not in sadness but now in rage as he turned to glare at their step-father. “I’ll kill you!” He screamed before lunging at the man with his short sword drawn. Zahira’s sight was blurred but she could make out the two figures of her brother and step-father fighting. The sound of clashing metal filled her ears. Her sight began to clear up and she looked just in time to see her step-father plunge his sword into Raiden’s stomach. When Raiden fell to the ground tears filled her eyes. She stumbled away from the thorns and winced at the pain as the thorns left her skin. “How could you!” She screamed. It hurt to talk but she didn’t care anymore. She knew she would die here and didn’t mind that either. In a swift movement, her step-father was in front of her with his hand wrapped around her neck, lifting her off the ground. “You aren’t going to reign and kill me. This was fun though, thanks for the nice chase. Now die” He said in an angry tone. Zahira began to get light headed and the world seemed to be spinning around her as the air was choked out of her.

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Bio: Nemaia was raised by her father and loved him very much. When her mother was killed by a man named Kano, her father swore to protect her and raise her to be able to defend herself. Nemaia learned how to enchant people by dancing and she carries a dagger with her usually. One night though, the same man killed her father when she was out. Nemaia knew she was no match for this man so instead she went to him undercover to ask to work for him. This man is very greedy and in power and agrees to allow her into his castle to dance for him along with other girls.
Working for him, Nemaia waits for the right moment to attack him and quickly learns about how evil he really is, he believes he has the best life with food and women around him along with a powerful army (Including your character). Nemaia has been under his control for a few years now and has discovered that many people under him are there against their will (also including you) so she hopes there is someone who will help her get rid of him.

Starter: Nemaia wandered the halls of Kano's castle. She needed to find a way to get rid of him. She had been under his control for way to long, longer than she had wanted anyway. Her father had to be avenged soon or she may never get her chance. She was sick of dancing for this kind of evil. Sick of standing beside him with the other girls when he wanted to be surrounded by girls when guests came in. He was with some right now, watching them entertain him. Nemaia was sure that the two he was watching right now were singers but she couldn't be sure. She sighed and continued to think of a plan, not watching where she was going at all.

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Bio: Rosalie was abandoned as a child and a crew of pirates took pity on her and the captain raised her as his own, but he didn’t allow her to become a girly girl and raised her as a member of the crew, which meant she did work and fought often. She would go on pillages with them and soon became one of the toughest on the crew. But when her father-like captain became sick, he gave the ship over to her. Many of the crew left, not wanting to take orders from a girl but others stayed. They simply recruited more crew and set off. They soon became a fairly well known crew and some even feared them. Though Rosalie often hid her figure and face under baggy clothes and darkness so that nobody would know she was a female.

Starter: Rosalie was smiling, letting the air blow her long hair behind her at the wheel. She only let her hair free and wore normal girl clothes when no ship was in sight. She enjoyed this time too, she could be herself and be free. Suddenly, a crew member came up to her.
“Captain, there is a ship behind us. The Kutless”
Rosalie smiled. “Good, so it’s those pathetic imperials huh? Alright, let’s go destroy that hunk of garbage!” She yelled happily.
“But, Captain, I heard that they have prisoners from a recent on different attacks on other ships. We may be able to get something out of this” The crew member said quickly. Rosalie thought about this for a moment before nodding “Sounds reasonable to me… Alright, we’ll save the captives and then destroy them.” She grinned and yelled the orders, this was going to be fun.
((I would like you to be one of the captives or a member of the enemy who kidnaps me maybe? ))

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Bio: Seyuki and (Place your name here) have been together for two years and now living in a tiny apartment together. He thinks she works at the big fancy restaurant and she thinks he works (Put job here). But they’re both wrong. They’ve lied to each other. The truth is, they are both assassins. And they’re employers are enemies. They hide this from each other and when they leave for a mission they make up lame excuses as to where or why they’re leaving. But when Seyuki is told that her next target is her beloved she is at a loss. Her employer gave her his name and explained that he was one of the top assassins of the enemies and had to be killed. As Seyuki walked home, she was still taking everything in. What she didn’t know, is that he had gotten the same assignment…

Starter: Seyuki walked up to the elevator that would bring her to her apartment. She was lost in thought. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Why hadn’t he told her? Well, you didn’t tell him either genius She thought to herself. She sighed as the elevator door came open. She walked down the hallway to her room and opened the door. She made up her mind. She would wait for a bit, to see if she could notice things. Like when he went out or his reaction to things. She sighed again and walked to the small living room before sitting on the couch and closing her eyes, waiting for him to get home.