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a random journal
ello! this is basically, like it says, a random journal. i usually right stories that i spontaniously thought up and put on here. i have some other random stuff like poetry on here too. i hope you like it, tell me what you think k?
two seperate hearts
zack stood motionless, not sure what to do. did he really see lilly?? did he really come to the dance with her?? did she really turn into a wolf?? questions filled and corrupted his head. if she was a wolf woould she eat him? would she do everything in her power to tear through his flesh and bones just to leave him a mangled mess on the ground? and then it hit him, it was lilly after all, the kind and sweet innocent girl that he had fell in love with when they were younger. he could see her sweet smile in his mind and no longer did the haunting image of the wolf occupy his mind. it didnt matter what she was, she was still lilly, his lilly and he would do anything for her, if only he could find her. by then he made up his mind, as he ran back into the crowded ball room and throwing himself to the door, ignoring the grabbing and annoying presence of lacy. he had to get to lilly, and finaly confess his feelings for her.
meanwhile lilly herself stalked through the forest, the thoughts of the dance was out of the question,all her thoughts were focused on the deer infront of her. it was a stag and a skinny somewhat puny one at that, so it was easy for her to bring down and rip through it as if it were nothing. when she was satisfied she went to the small canal not far away and began to drink. it wasnt long however before her wondering gaze would softly scratch her reflection. she stopped and stared. blood and gore oozed from her black muzzle despite the drink, her eyes glowed a deep and bright red, and the fur on her back was standing up. seeing this the memory of the dance came back to her, but more so the look on zacks face as she fased.her shoulders slumped at the thought but her sorrow was short lived as she heard a noise behind her, instinctivly she scrunched her shoulders, set her feet apart and let a menecing snarl rip from her jaws. the figure who appeared, however, did more then just startle her. he surprised her. it was zack, a red ribbon in hand, the piece to her dress. he stopped when he saw her and his gaze softened. "lilly" his voice was as soft as his gaze. against her instinct, lilly just stared at him, not sure if he was real. who knows, maybe it was an illusion caused by hher deleriouse wolf mind. zack held out a hand however. "lilly." she hesitated, and then took a step toward him, and another, not even aware that her form was changing. on her hands and knees, naked except for a little piece of the dress that manage to cling to her torso, she reached him, and he took her gingerly in his arms. his warm body made up for the lack of clothing and lilly, although to herself unknowingly began to cry. she could feel his fingers down her back, stroking her long hair. little be known to them did a figure crouch in the woods, watching them with menace in its eyes.

The Legend Of The Moon
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The Legend Of The Moon
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