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Me, Myself, and the people reading this (and poor i . I'm always leaving him out!) Hello! Let's see, stuff about me...well, I write fiction in my free time (what little of it I have). I love fantasy books. My fav book is "The Hobbit" , by J.R.R Tolkien. I LOVE anime, especially Inuyasha, and I read whatever manga I can get my han

Luna Kanamari
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-A social animal, the Gray Wolf lives in packs of 2 to 15, usually 4 to 7

- Alpha male-dominant over whole pack
Beta-second in command
Alpha female-dominant over lower-ranking females

-Dominance behaviors are open mouth and bared teeth, hair raised along the back, and ears erect and pointed forward.

-If food is adequate, a pack may use the same range for many generations

-pack works together on a hunt

-When an animal runs away, the wolf’s instinct is to dash after it, but it is soon apt to give up such a chase unless the pursued creature stops and starts intermittently

-not all wolves are capable of barking

-howling used to keep packs together

-different howls for different situations:

-“lonesome howl”—a shortened call that rises in pitch and then dies away plaintively

-“location”-deep, even, punctuated by barks

-A wolf seldom calls when actually chasing prey; rather, it stops to vocalize in order to maintain contact and sometimes calls to signal arrival at an ambush point toward which other pack members will then attempt to drive the quarry.

-does not use a shelter/den

-mates for life

-All members of the pack help to care for the young

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