Today's topic is (confession)

a unknown source has been have a hard time. because this person has

admitted to himself that he is gay and he sent me a message of his

problem that is he is afraid to tell his

parents that he is gay so to unknown and to anyone who else has this

problem here is my answer.

Dear , Unknown

I read your message so here is my answer as truthfully as possible

wish i could tell you that i had the same ordeal but im sorry im not gay

so i haven't been threw what your going threw but i have confessed

things to people that have scared me so many times in the past.

it's not easy it's very difficult thinking what will happen after you


but i will tell you this that once you confess you will feel better.

so here is something that i want you to try. A small exercise (but you

Don't have to if you don't want to ) i want you to find one person

someone that is really close to you someone you can trust it can be

from your Best friend to A Dog you found on the street and confess

your secret and once you do that tell someone else you trust and

confess your secret. because once you tell that one person it will

become easier to tell your secret to your parents because you would

have told it to a few people.

That's all the advice i can give I hope you have a happy life after you

confess i'll be rooting for U Good Luck


And to the other people out there who have this same problem i Wish

you Good Luck as well .