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Random Crap I don't know, stupid things that I come up with and that I want to talk about. Simple enough?

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When you know you're an all-star Cheerleader!
When you know you're an all-star Cheerleader!

** You perform like a rock star on the mat, but friends consider you shy.
** You spend most of your weekends during the year inside a convention center.
** You know one more time never means one more time.
** You could make a bedspread out of all your competition T-shirts.
** Your intricate eye makeup rivals that of any runway model.
** Your stuff is permanently covered in glitter.
** You've stood next to a trophy that was taller than you.
** You have an e-mail address or screen name that has your team name or the word "cheer" in it.
** You get caught practicing facials in the mirror.
** You own a pair of sparkly bloomers.
** You've gotten so much airtime you could have a pilots licence.
** You've stayed in enough hotels to write a guidebook.
** You could open a boutique with the amount of cheer gear you own.
** You've written a school paper about cheerleading.
** You can't help but visualize your teams routine during class.
** You have a friend (or friendly rival) on three other teams in different states.
** You bust out your teams dance in public places.
** You hear part of your routine music on the radio and you break out into your dance moves.
** After 8 you count "1, 2, 3, 4.."
** When you see a girl you don't know, you think "I could base her."
** Your tricep is the biggest muscle you have.
** Your fingers are stuck together and your arms automatically go back to your sides when you relax.
** You can fall from over 10ft onto a concrete floor and still have a smile on your face and be ready to stunt again!
** Your geometry in math class is; formations, pyramids, and figuering how 20 girls can produce five scorpion doubles.
** You have more sports bras than Footlocker!
** You go out in public wearing practice clothes, and wonder why people look at you funny.
** When one team mate gets sick, you all get sick.
** You can change into your uniform anywhere, including the back of a moving bus and in the middle of a hallway.
** People ask about bruises you didn't even know you had.
** Your soffe shorts are you favorite piece of clothing.

easie peasie
Okay, I get this site and I'm fixing everything up. Add my myspace though mmk, my url name is voguekitter so add me mmk. Uhm yeah one thing I absolutely LOVE about this site is this icon: domokun LMAO I LOVE IT! Anyways, add this and my myspace, I'm going to finish my profile. Peace out homies lol.

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