my friend anna and I live in Healdsburg California, before I moved to corvallis orgean, and we lived next door to each other. I have a tree house in my yard thats right next to the fence seperating our yards. so anna and me are both in the tree house talking and having a good time when her mom walks out and starts to sweep the porch thats next to the fence and she cant see us. so played a joke on her mom by calling her name everytime she wasent looking and ducking everytime she looked. we'd say at the same time in a low creepy kind of vocie "maaaaarrrriiiaaaaa"(in a sing song way, her name wasent actually spelled that way.) shed look up at the tree house and ninja we would duck. (her family is mexican) ninja she would eventually start sweeping again and "mmmmaaaaaarrrriaaaaaa" ninja . eventually she reliezed we were playing a joke on her and wasent to happy, she called anna back over the house, but before anna went in the same tone of voice we said " uno memento, porfovor!" (thats spanish, in english its: in a minute please)