OMG! I love the new airship game! It's hilarious giving the crew DN names! I mean look what happened to my crew! ^^ Lol!!! xd

L is suffering from hysterical pregnancy.

"I don't know," L replies, gazing without focus into the middle distance. "I'm just sad." You bake L a cheer-up cake.

Light got kicked in the head by a horse and is suffering severe brain damage.

Beyond broke a leg trying to kick a rock (the rock was much larger than it initially appeared)

Misa accidentally falls off the ship while chasing a moth! The moth escaped unharmed. Shame about Misa. –Misa dies

Beyond looks a little hungry but doesn’t say anything. (feeds candybar) Beyond smiles at you. Sometimes it's surprising what a little bit of generosity can do.

The clouds part to reveal a full moon, triggering a dark and hideous lycanthropic transformation in Light.

Beyond came down with an acute case of oral burpies.

The candy turns L into a horse. L is not very useful any more.

L tries out a new hairstyle.