This fury
that resides within me,
it blazes with such ferocity
only God controls it.

He controls me,
truely I am not furious at Him.
No I am furious with you who call yourselfs my brothers and sisters
yet live wickedly!

How dare you clain to serve the Almighty with me!
You who claim to bow down to He who is always righteous,
yet turn around and curse others with His Holy name.

You know not even your own evilness,
you are consumed by your own sin.
You are no brothers and sisters of mine,
why must you continue your unrighteousness?

I was once like you,
but the blood of Christ filled me
and i am made new.

I hate your sin,
yet love you,so come!
i urge you!
Repent and have faith,
then you can truely be my brothers and sisters.

We shall be related
by the blood of Christ,
He is the only one who can clense us of our sins.