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Name:: Min
Age:: 11

Personality:: Timid, seriously Afraid of People, Split Personality when alone> Calm/Paranoid.

Birthplace:: Unknown, somewhere in North-Eastern Europe.
Currently Residing:: Orphanage on a small Island off of England.

Hobbies:: Staring, Thinking...
Passions:: Strong passion for the Universe and unknown darkness.

Body type:: Abnormally, but realistically small. (CLARIFICATION: Shorter height/Thinner due to lack of food consumed.)

Hair- Dark Brown/ Bangs Always pulled back, Short, Messy.
Skintone- Light tan
Eyes- Left> Dark Brown, Right> Light Blue, Pupils usually Constricted due to daily Morphine injections. However, at night, they are usually dilated.
Clothing- Comfortable and Large. Usually big shirts with long socks. Sometimes with pajama-like pants. (Picure outfit is a fav of mine, long sleeve w/ underwear and clear skirt.) Neutral colors.

Bio:: Working on.

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Name:: ____
Age:: 19

Personality:: Calm. Studious. Passive. Straight-forward. Socially acceptable.

Birthplace:: Western England.
Currently Residing:: Small town on a small Island off of England.

Hobbies:: Bike riding (mainly for postal job), Studying.
Passions:: Swimming long distance.

Body type:: Good height for age (a bit above 6 feet), ...dunno how to explain, refer to pic?

Hair- Light dirty tan (if that makes sense). Rarely puts it down like ref. Bangs pulled back by many hair clips or combed over to give "well together" look.
Skintone- Mid tan. (?)
Eyes- Very dark brown.

Bio:: Working on.