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~~*~~ Thoughts and dreams by MegN ~~*~~
hey I'm MegN. This is my journal, where I'll put how i feel, whats happening, poetry, short stories, and anything else i might feel like writing. so enjoy. hugs to you all, MegN
You may think that since I'm the youngest of 5, That I'm the only girl of 5, and that I'm my mothers only biological child. That I must be spoild to the core. I must correct your claims though. Due to the fact that you have the wrong impression.
I can't deny that I have been givin some things that the ordinary child may not have recived.
Growing up I've been to Ireland, Jamaica, Dinsney Land & World, The Bahamas, San Juan, St Thomas, Puerto Rico, Grand Turk, Miami, Canada, Alaska, Reno, California, Oregon, Washington DC, Hawaii (numerous times), and more. Being the only girl I always got my own room. I've been givin numerous gifts. etc...

But as I've gotten older, and even growing up, I am/was givin anything without working for it. I've bought most of the things I own right now, with money I earned... My tv, PS2, web cam, speakers, mouse, most the video games, cds, books, & movies I own, Couch, enertainment center.. etc.
95% of the stuff I didn't buy I was givin used. My bed, matress, coffee table, fishtank, VCR, stereo, bookselfs, Desk, and much more. The last 5% I was givin new: DVD player, Most my computer, Game Cube, DS, Blankets, candles, etc..

I'm not saying I've been neglected, but I sure dounbt I'm spoild. I have wonderful parents who raised me and my brothers. and I even have sort of great brothers.
I mean Christmas, Birthdays, etc. I see myself getting video games, books and movies. If I were to DARE put a Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360 on my wish list, I would be laughed at. But yet. Mike got an Xbox 360 for Christmas, Nick got the PSP for his birthday, and not Steve got the ******** Wii for his birthday. And yet when christmas or my birthday rolls around I get to hear "Oh, I can't get you anything nice, I'm low on money.".
Sure it was a big gift compared to a bunch of little ones. But still here I am on my $150.00 a month pay, trying to save up and buy what I want. and still pay my parents $65.00 for bills and such... They may not work high paying jobs but they get paid better then me, and if they can group and buy a nice gift for one of them, they can do the same for me, right? Noooo they all become broke in March and Ddecember for me. Yet for anyone else any time they go buy a big screen tv, Wii, Xbox 360, 2 DS', etc...

It's just starting to piss me off that I seem to be the one screwed over, not them. Well I guess screwed over is a wrong word.. Its just I mention getting a Wii or whatever and they laugh hystarically like I'm joking, and yet Steve puts it on his list and gets it like that... Yet I get stuck with $20 gift cards, or a book because they are broke right now...
GAHHH I just wish they would either stop giving eachother nice gifts or start including me..

I know this whole thing sounds greedy and selfish, but you know whatever. I dont care. I'm happy with what I got, but I feel that they are excluding me, and seeing this happen hurts.

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