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Thoughts of your Average Girl
Basically, this journal gives a brief description on what happens during my average day. Note: Entries may very and a daily update is not guarranteed.
One Week Left
Well since the last journal entry I have had two post-op appointments and I have another one scheduled for next Thursday. Then we get to head back home (note: surgery was not in home state). Then I have a week before school starts (whoopee not). I am mostly off of the pain medicine but I still need it sometimes and the pain makes it hard for me to concetrate thus that is mostly the reason why I have been avoiding Gaia. That and I was going through one of my social withdrawal phases again. That's when I don't want contact with anyone except for my family. Usually lasts for about week, don't understand why they occur though.

Anyway having a fun time multi-tasking now playing .hack//Infection. Just found out earlier today that there is another .hack// anime out, .hack//roots. I wonder if Adult Swim is going to liscencse it or if somebody all ready has. I really am curious about the new anime. The new game .hack//GU vol. 1 Rebirth looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. I have a checked a total of three websites who are claiming the release is going to be October 24, and I'm starting to beleive them. Though I am wondering why GameFaqs hasn't updated it from Q4 2006 if that is the case. Which means I have to hurry up and beat the games. Well at least I am all ready a little over half way through with the first one. O_O Sanjuro just called the Grunty a horse, he reads the message boards (or at least it looks like he does) so shouldn't he know that isn't a horse. Also on another annoying factor despite the fact I have an accuracy of 43 most of my attacks seem to "miss" or at least with the floating creatures it does which does kind of make sense if you think about it.

On another note for those who have had the fortune of seeing .hack//sign and have played Tales of Symphonia. Am I the only one who is reminded of Zelos in the case of Sora (except he is slightly less perveted) and vise versa?

Anyway I am blaming not being used to no new episodes for months at a time (which is exactly what you get when you are a CSI fan, one of the downfalls) on the fact that I keep switching obssessions at random. One day its Beyblade, another day its Tales of Symphonia, and yet another day is .hack//! It so random that even I'm not sure what I'm currently obsessed with sometimes! I just wish CSI would hurry up with the new episodes. I know they are all ready filming the season premieres so we are starting to see Spoilers (one of which is scaring me do to what happened in that CSI's season finale) but that's still not enough, and we won't be seeing the new episodes until late September! Probably the fact that I have been watching so many AMVs lately doesn't help either.

Anyway I don't feel like resizing pictures right now. So no Anime Expo pictures for this journal entry this time around. I'll get around to putting them up on here eventually just haven't felt like going through and having to resize them everytime so they aren't so big when I link them so they are visible on here. I saw some interesting cosplayers (speaking of Zelos there was someone dressed up as Zelos on the last day who I got a picture of) on the last few days, also took a bunch of pictures of lines. Don't ask why since I am not sure myself. Other than I think I was just so fascinated by the amount of people attending since it was my first big convention.

Speaking of Tales of Symphonia, that's another reason I can't wait to get back hom. My PS2 is great but I don't have a GameCube and I want to play Tales of Symphonia, but I will have to wait till next Saturday (we get in LATE (around midnight late) Friday night).

Anyway that is all for tonight.

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