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Dark Hari-chan's Journal
........weird stuff...............
My grandma has been staying at my house for a week now because she is preparing to move to Washington and she sold her house. Well, I was designated that our aunt was to house my grandma for the following week. So here, my aunt moseys on in and my mom starts screaming at her. Let it be said that our family is extremely screwed up and separated. My dad's side of the family are all foreign nut jobs. Example: His mom ,and MY grandma, refuses to drive because she claims her car was possessed so it locked her in and drove her around Las Vegas.
......I know, right? I mean....I believe in the paranormal but COME ON!!!
My mom's side are ALL angry and VIOLENT, including my mom. SHE THREW A ******** PLATE AT ME AND ACCUSED ME OF WHORING MYSELF ON YOUTUBE! (which I nimbly dodged with my ninja skilz lol)
So my loaded richie aunt walk in and my mom blows her cap because she mentioned that her dad has been trying to call my mom. Confused? Me too. So my mom's screaming, my aunt is screaming, and my grandma is screaming. If you think a nagging chick is annoying, try having three PMSing women menstruating verbally to you. My grandma also has the most annoying shrill and squeaky voice amplified by one hundred fold. Where was I? On the top of the stairs laughing my a** of with my little brother. My mom screaming is nothing new. We've gotten so used to it now. My mom screamed,"GET THE ******** OUT OF MY HOUSE b***h! All of you are DEAD to me!! Just go DIE!"
And then suddenly....5 minutes later they have found the joy of motherly and sisterly love and now, as I type, are out together sipping coffee and reminiscing on good times of a long forgotten child-hood. It's like a bad soap opera, or a special on Lifetime. My dad was gone during all of this so I filled him in on all of the juicy details. We shared a laugh and an intellectual discussion that only we could share.
(Watching my family communicate with each other is like watching Madonna hitting herself over the head with milk carton filled with chunks of floor tile. Entertaining, but incredibly retarded.)

Another event to add to my history book.

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