User name:Toteriminia
Name: Amaya Gulen
Sex: Female
Age when turned: born that way
Powers:flexibility and extensive knowledge of hand to hand combat. Abnormally amazing vision and hearing
Bio: She seems to be what meets the eye, but seems to be hiding something. She tends to be quiet reserved and emotionless during the classes,but when the turning of the day comes, Amaya is a wild fire of emotions and a hard a** b***h. She transferred from a small school, but no one knows from where. She is a world known underground vampire DJ by the name of DJ Wolvpir3. She is known for wearing fake ears and werewolf tail during her shows, but there is no evidence of them being real. She does not like to bring up family and tends to keep during herself in classes. She has excellent records. she ALWAYS wears a bandanna in her hair, but never during shows. She is usually seen wearing headphones in her ears.
School year: transfer student-- 3rd year
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