(Victor) You're The Reason
By: Lupita Victoria Ojeda

you're the reason that i wake up
though still sleepy in the morning
the reason i dress attractivly
so as not to look plain or boring
going to school i imagine your smile
and your eyes looking at me adoring
i imaginr the words you'll say
that will send my heart soaring

You're the reason that im tardy
going to class everyday
hoping i'll catch a glimpse of you
if i go out of my way
i look forward to your touch
you hold me like no other guy may
for when you pull me close
I never want to pull away

You're the reason that i cant sleep
i think about you late into the night
wishing you lay next to me
who knows one day you might
when i sleep i drem of you
holding me close and tight
which makes waking from sleep
sumthing i sometimes fight

you're the reason that i breath
the reason i believe in love
i know that you were sent to me
from the heavens above
many guys offered me their embrace
but only into your arms i dove
so if i am to have a boyfriend
then if it be you i approve