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It really is true. I actually decided not to talk to Christian, ha like it's really going to be effective in any way. I'm like not going to return hs text messages and ish and then he'll just be like, um okay. && then there's going to be a really random day when he just so happens to call;; lol I should stop expecting the better because it wouldn't go anything like that for reall. My page is prettier than Chelsea's:] Ohhhh.! I neglected all my homework and I was expecting myself to wake up like 3 in the morning so I could finish it but oh well. just never got back around to it. Pshh, teachers are just going to have to suck it up. So in extent to the guy. He was like all sad yesterday and crap so I'm like what's wrong and then here he starts with the macy crap again. Macy ******** him up for the rest,honestly. Like LET HIM GO! she keeps hurting him and crap and he just keeps going back like a lost puppy and macy acts all bipolar about it. Like dude, there's other people that would treat him way better. NOT INCLUDING GEORGIE.! because she's been messing with every guy that's ever liked brittany and it's like what, are you trying to be her? Stopp trying so hard. so now I write and write and type blahhh. I drew him yesterday, and he got all upset because it looked exactly like him but then I started writing all over it and crap. He's thai heart heart heart :] Just my lucky day right? Doesn't mean I'm trying to marry him though. Oh, LD is sort of. ehh. Because he's acting like her hates me or some crap but then the next minute he's using that wack bull excuse like "Oh, I still love you but you moved on." Like dude, that's exactly why because when I was still around you acted like you didnt want me and now I'm gone it's like you finally made up your mind. I did too. and it's that I don't want to try and make it work anymore. Oh my. Schooool! bye journall:]<3

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