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what the hell?

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Hopefully I can type on Donnie's computer without ******** the whole entry up, haha.
So I just woke up from what feels like the longest nap. I went to bed during the daytime and woke up and it's dark and no one is home. I hate that, kind of. I kind of feel amazing after sleeping for so long, since I got no sleep last night.
I wish Donnie would answer the phoneeeeee.
So here's what I dreamed about:

I can't remember if this part came first or second. Aaaah.

I was riding with Donnie, and we were following this a*****e around town because he had given us road rage. He took the interstate out of downtown toward southside, then got off and took Market street back toward downtown. For like no reason. Now that I think about it, he was probably on to us stalking him. Anyway, we followed him to this neighborhood and watched him drive down a street of houses. We figured he lived there, so we didn't wanna get too close to his house. We saw another car behind him too, so we followed that guy instead and flipped him off. What. stressed
I think this is the part where I learned that a bioengineered T-Rex was loose in America, and it was going to travel around eating anything that resembled a dinosaur. Yes, the exact plot of Jurassic World. I was instantly terrified and all I remember is flying back the way we came. There was complete anarchy, things were on fire, I was unsure of where we were really going. Maybe this is the part where I moved into Walmart, possibly to be safe from the T-Rex.
My dream did follow some of the dinosaur's path of destruction. I watched him go to the zoo and eat some of the captive dinosaurs, because you know that's a thing haha. I watched him eat video game characters like Yoshi. I was really scared. I was hiding on the other side of a hill, no protection whatsoever.
Then I was flying through southside neighborhoods again, toward downtown. I guess we were going home to pack. But when I say flying, I mean I wasn't in a car, I was whipping through and around properties without touching the ground. I was really flying. eek I kept pointing out houses that I had looked into renting or buying. Donnie and I would stop to look at them sometimes, but mostly just fly past and make comments about certain houses. Like, there was one that was old and St Elmo-y. It had a bunch of seashells on the porch. Why do I remember that but not the order of events in my dreams???

Alright, so I got to my house, where my mom lives. But she wasn't there anymore, and it was in Chatt. There was a lady there, I'm guessing it was the vendor from the next part of my dream, but idr. And one of my friends was there, possibly Lindsey. Well, I kept hearing loud noises and thought it was thunder so I went and peeked outside, thinking it was the dinosaur walking nearby, or that it was storming. But the sky was blue from my window. Then the lady came out of her room and said she heard thunder, so I told her it wasn't storming. So we all went to the kitchen where the windows were huge and panoramic. We saw a storm coming in and knew we had to finish something soon before it hit. I guess we just needed to get ready for it or something. And the T-Rex was still out there.
So it was lightning and thundering, the storm moving in slowly. It was fun to watch the lightning and hear the thunder. Whenever it would strike kinda close, I would cover my ears real quick just in case. Nobody else would cover theirs. And then a bolt struck really close to the house and even though I covered my ears, it was deafening. I saw Lindsey's face contort like she was riding a roller coaster. But she still didn't cover her ears, so after the thundering ended, I tried to tell her that she needed to because it could damage her hearing! Another one struck close and it was SO LOUD HOLY HELL. It was like we were being shot at constantly for a few seconds. I think the earth even quaked. I ended up hiding behind the couch. Then I went up to my room, which had lots of windows all the way around. I was on my bed and lighting struck, but the bolt came through the window INTO MY FREAKING ROOM and struck on the side of the bed. I rolled off the bed and hid in the floor, covering my ears. The thunder was louder than before. I was so scared. My heart was racing. The other two rushed in and I showed them the burns on the bed. For some reason they were green. I was like "God tried to kill me!"
And so I left the house.

Most of the memorable parts after that were me at work at Walmart, except in the back room. I wasn't in any department; I just worked in the back. I was helping someone (a vendor) move in, and then I decided I wanted to move in. (wtf). Someone was showing me how to do certain things on the handheld. It was impressive. I climbed up the steel and scanned boxes and took them down.
So this vendor lady, I don't remember her name. She was a professional lady, kind of pretty, and for some reason we became friends. She told me she was dating James. (and that made me laugh because he's not that cute, and every girl for some reason wants to date him...) She told me to keep it a secret. I already knew I would tell Lindsey. Haha. ninja
Anyway, James got really worried because I was hanging out with his girlfriend. And I even made a side remark about something from before and he turned and ran off. I guess I mentioned Lindsey's name and he got embarrassed because he didn't know about her and Corey. And the dream ended with me eating mac and cheese that the vendor cooked because James had never eaten mac and cheese before. And there were lots of hairs in it. crying
The end.

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the voices fall like timber
and the fear, it pours like rain

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