Oh dear god i hate being sick. Its like bathing in a giant batch of human FILTH. I'm in an extremely large amount of pain as i write this. Eh i wonder how murderers feel when they get sick. Is it like "Hey, Bob.We gonna murder that chick today?" "naw man i might heave on her." Or like. Do you ever see famous people sick? noooooo. -insert sarcasm filled comment here- There already on to many prescription drugs and cocaine to get sick. Oh not to mention i found out i bring out the good in people. Which is really ******** up cuz i'm really ******** rabid. I think this is turning into one of my ranting entries.... Oh another thing. Micheal Jackson. WTF. Im not sure if i even want him dead. I hate his music with a passion. And now that hes dead thats ALL they ever play on the music channels. I wanna resurrect him and kill him all over again. I mean seriously the dude dies and then no one can make MJ jokes anymore, If you say you dont like him people look at you like you killed god, And everybody automatically forgot all the ******** up s**t hes done.