The thing's I have learned from movies::

From the movie 'Taken':: Don't send two seveteen year old girls' to Europe by themselves. Because unless you're some super kick a** ex-goverment agent, there's no way in hell your getting you child back from them Arabian pimps.

From every single 'Will Ferrell' movie:: Will Ferrell is a complete dumb a**, and isn't funny at all.

'Sweeny Todd': Always bring somebody with you while getting a shave.

'Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix':: Centaurs are psycho, and will trample crazy Ministry of Magic workers.

'Angel and Demons':: Never trust Ewan McGregor.

'The Princess Bride':: If your friend/lover ever gets trapped in a sinkhole, get some sort of rope, and jump in after them. You won't suffocate- unless you completely lack upperbody strength.

'The Princess Bride': Don't jump into the water. There's man-eating eels.

'Push':: Don't underestimate people's ability to scream.

"Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince":: Don't forget the pinchers.

"Edward Scissorhands":: It's very hard to seduce a guy who has scissors for hands.

Note:: I love all of these movies. Except for the Will Ferrell movies...

|| Will add more when extremely bored ||