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Brain-eating zombies are attacking this page!!1! Too bad they'll starve...
Just another day
Mood: stare
Boredom lvl: I'm alright, got some good music and stuff to do. Life's good.
Wearing: Blue jeans (faded), Blue tee, no socks today
The rest of the day's plan: Nothing much that I know of, other than the usual. Oh, I have to got to my little sister's softball practise. And I'm streaking my hair tonight (red or purple, not sure which; it's a semi-permanent dye).
Interesting Quote of the day: "For three men to keep a secret, two must be dead."
~Benjamin Franklin

Like yesterday, there isn't much to do today, other than a few chores and using the computer. Maybe I'll do some drawing later.

Our pool's filer broke, and now it's lime green, almost like it glows. Creepy. And it's right below my bedroom window, and since I have a loft bed, I cxan see it through the windows. My dad and stepmom are gonna go trade the pool in for a new one in the next few days. The pool smells funny now, like our own personal swamp.

Dorothy- my stepmom- is currently having a war with the flies that got inside our house, it's been kind of funny to watch. I need to trim my toenails I think, they're gettin' longer than I'd like them to be. I think it's going to rain some more today, as if we didn't have enough.

I went and saw the new Transformers movie last night. Stood in life for an hour before it started, and it was well worth it. Seriously, the fight scenes, the whole thing was awesome. If you haven't seen it yet, go do so as soon as you can, you won't regret it! I know I didn't, even though I had that hour long wait,and it didn't get out ntil almost 1, I enjoyed it and want to go see it again.

Ja ne!

I'm bored (that's a newsflash)
Mood: Numb
Bordom lvl: I'm sorta just floatin' in the middle.
Wearing: Blue jeans and a New York graphic T-shirt, no socks or shoes.
The rest of the day's plan: Go see a movie tonight, then come home and stay up another few hours on my computer, do some more RolePlaying with my friends if I'm lucky.
Interesting quote of the day:
"If I Cannot Fly Free In Life, I Will Do So In Death."
~I'm not sure who said it.

Hello, what's up ya'll? My answer to this would be the ceiling, and your's is probably something else. Yes, these things will be very short, since I'm better at expressing myself through artwork and not so much as words, 'cept maybe poetry, but not really anything else.

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