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Underneath the silent moon, and watch and sigh, with each uncertain thought I live Everyday is a twist and turn, a battle of wits is all that life seems to be. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. Never ending change of seasons and emotions like and endless sea. These are new and old thoughts. Love them or hate them, they are me in e

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My OC Character

Meet Azira Nightingale

Height:Five foot two
Eye color:Liquid silver, small iris's
Eye size:Medium
Shape of face:Heart shaped
Shape of lips: Full, cupid bow, darker shade of pink but not super dark
Teeth: White, straight, twin fangs not very long, curve over lower lip
Ears: Fits well with shape of head, only slightly curved at top
Shape of nose: Upturned a bit, sorta like a pixi nose
Brows: Thin, well shaped
Hair length: Lower back, curls near bottom
Bang length: Both sides have hair cut to chin length that curls near bottom
Hair color:Spider web white, that slowly shift into either deep ember or royal blue
Skin color:Fair complexion, little bit of rouge on the cheeks for color, but over all very pale.
Bust size: 32 C cup
Fall of arm length: Tips of fingers fall two inches below a**
Hands: Danity, feminine, piano player fingers.
Nails: Long (normal length for women) Curved slightly with point
Waist: 26 inches
Hip size: 38 inches
Clothing: Simple, black satin dress, cuts low in the back with good cleavage cut as well. Tightens to body shape around stomach, flares out on hip in a flowing way, ends right before knee. Small heart shape cut out on the sides with red mesh over the hearts.
Shoes: Simple silver flats with black satin lacing up her calf and tying into little bows
Extras: Twin metal wings {no feathers, just skeletal outlining] perch on her back, wing span is four feet wide from tip to tip. Two curved dark silver horns upon her forehead. Curve up and back with a slight twist to them, only about five inch in length. Twin curved blades protrude from outer sides of each arm. Black metal, wide only two inches away from skin, curve back an inch before elbow.

History: Azira is an abomination. Something that should of never existed. Scientist bent on creating a humanoid that was powerful and a piece of art took a baby embryo and played God. She was born a creature, grew into a creature and was better than they could of ever expected. She was fast and graceful, a perk from her succubus DNA. It also was the reason for the following: Horns, tail, and teeth. Her Human DNA gave her an odd pigmentation of the eyes, the dainty form and the range of emotions. But it was the graphed of mecha into the child that really impressed them. The graph somehow spawned twin blades that grew as she did, they connected with her bone and even had nerves in the base of them. It mutated the succubus genes, changing what should of been leathery wings into metal. They were used as weapons, for she couldn't fly. Though something went wrong....Training was fine, Azira was a fast learner but with the succubus and the mecha design it eventually overrided her human sense of morality. She gained a blood lust and at the age of sixteen, slaughtered all the scientist without batting a lash. She has been free for three years now, lives have been taken but with the human gene, she has a weak spots for certain creatures.

Likes:Flowers, cats, small children, midnight and blood.

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