~New Journal Entry-ness~

Firstly, you should all know by now that Andrew (aka Grindy) is planning on coming back to Gaia for all of two months. And I really don't have much of anything to say about that except that I hope he actually follows through with his plans this time. I know a lot of you have missed having him around, even though you waited way too darn long to say anything about it. >.< I'm still kind of ticked off at some of you (the ones who won't read this) about that. Seriously. He was gone for however many months without internet and when he came back only two people had bothered trying to contact him? That's really low. And now he's thinking about coming back (and for the record, I have no opinion about that) and you guys are all "You know we've missed you sooooooo much!" and I'm just like "Sure you have ..." So yeah. Rawr.

And second, just an update on me. Um - I'm still doing pretty well. Have a lot of things going on; juggling two martial arts classes a week plus church two days a week and the Constitution class on Mondays, plus working in time to talk on the phone with Levi. xD And then we have people inviting us to do things about every Friday night. And then Aimee is over here a lot, too. And I still try to get online and keep in touch with friends on Facebook so that I'm not completely cut off from the rest of the world. People are crazy - you know that? Really. Uh ... and I have to go now. Martial arts in four hours, laundry to do, then a get-together tomorrow night and possibly going to Indianapolis on Saturday for a full day of political-themed awesomeness! Yay! smile

Later, loves.

- Becca/BecBec/Trippylet/Dread