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My Stories The Chapters of The Vampire Generation My Story and mant other Stories I will write in the future.

The Reason For Your Death
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The Vampire Generation Chapters 1 & 2
Chapter One

Bloody Beginnings

The Morning had risen in the sky David Long Awoke from his bed.He had hoped in a way that it would all just be one bad dream.But sure enough as he awoke he looked over to find the dead body of his wife.He wrapped Her in the blanet from head to toe.He then got the Black Tape off of the corner and taped up the blanket.He then went in the kitchen next door and got a Trash Bag He Put Her wrapped body in the trash bag.As he tied the bag he could barely believe this was the woman he had made love just 24 hours before.He dragged the bag downstairs and out into the downstairs basement.Thier lay another body.This one alsohuman.It was the body of his 17 year old daughter.He stopped but a second to stare at the body.He then drug the trash bag out the basement door which led to the garage.He took the keys from his blood Stained Jacket. He opened the Trunk of the car.He placed the trash bag in the trunk and slammed it shut.He then Briefly went in just to retrieve the body of his 17 year old daughter just to throw it violently onto the concrete garage floor.He tok from his pocket some matches two Bottles of lighter fluid he poured a bottle of lighter fluid on his car. He then poured lighter fluid on the bloody clothes of his daughter he then set both the car and his daughter ablazehe then slowly opened the garage door.As he walked out into the world he at an instance realized that the world would see this and think him a murderer not for a second believing any of the sotry he had to tell.He then smiled and mumbled to himself."They wont think me a murderer if i myself am dead.He at once took from his jacket the last item he had hidden within a single handgun.He put it to his head and pulled the trigger.All at once came a click.Then he remembered her had used all six clips last night.He was sure now he would go to prison.He dropped the gun and fell to his knees as he agian mumbled to himself."They will not believe my story.Not a word i say will they understand."

He then stood up and let out a loud yell." I KILL OUT OF LOVE NOT ANGER"

He then fell back to his knees and agian spoke talking to himself in a low voice.

"It was him that wretched demon beast of the underworld.I will destroy you Lord Dracula i swear to it!"

To Be Continued

Chapter 2
A Heart of Vengence
David stood up as he heard sirens all around him. All at once the police thet sorrounded him and spoke "this is the police get and your knees with your hands on your head.He instanly dropped down to his knees and the police arrested him.He was taken into a cruiser and read his rights.He was then told he was being charged so far with arson because they believed he had burned down his house for money.He thought to himself on the way to the prison of perhaps killing the police officer and escaping after all he had already almost sealed his own fate by burning down the house. once they found the bodies or the remains of the bodies he would be headed for death row for sure.He was all at once snapped into reality as he realized that he was now being taken out of the car by two officers. He was registered with the state crime unit and given a cell.He had a lone empty cell and given one phone call which he would ultimately choose not to use. After all who was left to call he asked himself.So he went back to sleep as the prison gaurd in front of his cell watched on. He was awoken late in the night ny alarms. There was the prison gaurd in front of him laying in a pool of his own blood the head laying on the ground. Written in blood on the floor of the cell was "The Games Have Just Begun David" Suddenly the lights went out as David felt a breeze go by him. He shivvered. The lights came on as the door to his cell was open and a voice spoke from somewhere in the building follow the leader david thats our game. He walked out of the cell and got the gun from the dead decapitated gaurd and walked down the hall as another dead gaurd dropped from the ceiling in the middle of the room causing him to stop dead.Suddenly A voice spoke agian "Let The Games Begin"!

To Be Continued

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