Nuzlocke Rules:

1). Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released.
2). Players must also nickname all Pokémon they catch, for the sake of forming stronger emotional bonds.
3). The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, even if it flees/faints.
4). Blacking out/whiting out is considered to be "game over", even if there are Pokémon left in the PC.
5). There can be no duplicates. Any duplicate Pokemon/line encounters do not count as the first in that area.
6). If a Shiny Pokémon is encountered, the player may still catch it, and does not need to release it if it faints.
7). Pokemon from Hidden Grottos do not count as the first Pokemon seen in the area and may still be caught.
8). Battle style is placed to "set," removing the option to switch out between the opponent's Pokemon.
9). The same amount of Pokémon will be used as the opponent during a Gym battle.
10). Use of Master Balls are not allowed, and legendaries cannot be caught.

After the trainer defeats the Elite Four, the nuzlocke is lifted.

By Route:
Route 4: Meep (Darumaka)

Route 5: (Audino)

Route 5: Cynic (Shiny Minccino)

Route 6: Excalibur (Karrablast)

Route 7: Zebstrika

Route 9: Myrtle (Muk)

Route 11: Azure (Marill)

Route 12: Heracross (Belf)

Route 13: Quinn (Jellicent)

Route 14: Yuki (Meinfoo)

Route 16: Maroon (Gothita)

Route 19: Barnes (Purrloin)

Route 20: Dani (Sewaddle)

By Area:
Floccesy Ranch: Mado (Psyduck)

Virbank Complex: Skips (Magby)

Castelia Sewers: (Rattata)

Relic Passage: Shannon (Drilbur)

Lostlorn forest: Lesade (Roselia)

Desert Resort: Red (Sandile)

Desert Resort (Past Gate): Syrenu (Sygilph)

Relic Castle: Sandi (Sandshrew)

Driftveil Drawbridge: Siera (Ducklett)

Season Lab: Darling (Deerling)

Chargestone Cave: Shift (Klink)

Celestial Tower: Chandell (Litwick)

Strange House: (Banette)

Reversal Mountain: Cero (Skorupi)

Village Bridge: (Golduck)

Milstration Cave: Shadow (Axew)

By City:
Starter: Pinkerton (Snivy)

Castelia City: Alex (Buneary)

Driftveil City: Zorua

Hidden Grottos:
Route 5: Jamie (Minccino)

Lostlorn Forest: Lee (Leavanny)

Lostlorn Forest: (Combee)

Lostlorn Forest: Animu (Foongus)

In order of caught:
Pinkerton (Snivy)
Barnes (Purrloin)
Dani (Sewaddle)
Mado (Psyduck)
Skips (Magby)
Shannon (Drilbur)
Meep (Darumaka)
Jamie (Minccino)
Cynic (Shiny Minccino)
Lesade (Roselia)
Red (Sandile)
Syrenu (Sygilph)
Sandi (Sandshrew)
Siera (Ducklett)
Excalibur (Karrablast)
Darling (Deerling)
Alex (Buneary)
Shift (Klink)
Maroon (Gothita)
Chandell (Litwick)
Cero (Skorupi)
Yuki (Meinfoo)
Belf (Heracross)
Azure (Marill)
Myrtle (Muk)
Quinn (Jellicent)
Lee (Leavanny)
Shadow (Axew)
Animu (Foongus)