Okay so you know what was just recently
brought up to my attention?
I get hurt.
A lot.
I'm in and out of the doctures
Waaaaay too much.
And when I really need to go.
I don't.
Like let's take right now for instance:
I got bit by my friends angry boonie bug.
She lives out in the middle of no where.
And one of her bugs bit me.
I'll save yall all of the nasty details.
Exept now the bug bite it twice as big,
I have no skin over it,
And the skin around it is trying to stretch to cover it.
And my dad why takes me to the doctures for EVERY LITTLE DAMN THING.
Won't take me for this.
He took me to the doctures one tine just because i was coffing for like 3 days.
And now my ankle is all grossand oozing and He Looks ME
I'm sorry but yall really have no idea how ******** painful this is.
And Usually I can handle pain.
Come on now this is comming from a girl who has been stabbed, Hit by a car,
And walked on a dislocated hip for 3 years because my dad said i was fine.
I've also stepped on a binder when i was like 3 and had it close inside of my foot.
Fun times those were. rolleyes Well knowing my dad he probably would have said i was fine if i wasnt gushing out blood by teh gallons. Expecially with my mom ******** trying to pry that bad boy off of my foot and just making it snap shut inside of my foot each time because her hands would slip in my blood. Awsome
rolleyes Well I think im done ranting.
surprised I feel tons better!
Bye yall!