His ember flames have lighten me
with a captivating flare.
the fire has a risen
like the piercing eyes of a hare.
a look so lushes
but yet full with a demon soul
falling in love with the enemy
secrets kept untold
a love that is forbidden
with yet a tender flare
compared to Romeo and Juliet..
this love has a devilish snare..
Let death do use apart..
if the love is truly real..
risking our lives for one another...
our love that people wish to steal..
Such passionate love should be kept secret.
envy can be very greedy at times..
can cause murder of the heart..
ripe it apart..
forbidden love.
consider it a crime.
My heart has be stolen
by someone who is unwanted..
but this "wrong" feels so right..
see his eyes..
up against mines..
this love is worth the fight.
So let this love be forbidden
since I've sin to much before..
let people hate our true love kiss.
and let this "forbidden love" be heard.