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Skinny Fit Just another girl trying to make it through her weight loss journey...

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The Eat Your Heart Out Diet
So in my last post, I shared with you guys that I was going to attempt the Eat Your Heart Out Diet. I started off by making sure that I had all the ingredients I would need for the week--and a little more, since I can eat as much as I want. HERE WE GO!

Day One: Fruit Day

It's 5:22 p.m. as I'm writing this, and I can honestly say that I am craving some other kinds of food--but I'm not hungry, which is good. For breakfast, I had a mango, and throughout the day, I have snacked on some other small fruits: half a kiwi; half a peach; another mango; some cucumber (yes, it's a fruit. Look it up). And after I was finished, I was pretty satisfied. I feel full, but the chicken sitting in the fridge is really tempting. I just keep telling myself: DON'T GIVE IN.

The only thing that has really sucked about today is that in fruits, there's not a lot of variety. I mean, there's not a ton of texture or flavor differences. I'm really tired of eating the sweet stuff (which is why I snacked on some cucumber). I even briefly tried looking up some recipes so that I can have some variety, but to little avail because all you can eat is fruit (and I don't have a lot of recipe expertise in that area). No yogurt, no veggies, no dressing. ONLY SEASONING.

Something that I will try next time are Apple Cinnamon Chips. I found the recipe, and they look delicious. If only I had been smart enough to buy apples...

SIDE NOTE: As tempting as it may be, you cannot have bananas today even though they are a fruit. They are high in calorie as well. This first day is acting like a cleanse.

UPDATE: So it's finally the end of the day, and I think I'm pretty much done eating. I once heard that it was good to stop eating around 8/9 p.m. That way the body has time to digest everything properly.

It was a hard day overall. My mom was making hamburgers, and honestly, it was hard to resist. But I was never once not full which was good.

My Meal Plan

Mango (3)
Large Strawberries (3)

Basically it was like I was snacking all day, and I'm really glad with the results. It feels like I've eaten alot, but I really didn't. rofl

However, today was still tough. Like I said before, most fruit is sweet, and my palette got absolutely tired of it. I look forward to tomorrow because I know some great healthy recipes, and I'm dying to try them out!

Day Two: Veggie Day

I was really looking forward today. I had hope to have found a little more comfort in veggies than in fruit, but the truth is, I didn't. I started off the day with one baked potato. I seasoned it with butter, salt, and pepper, and honestly, it was the most satisfying thing I've eaten all day.

I had zucchini pasta for lunch. It was pretty good, but it didn't leave me craving more.

I made some carrot chips for snacking....those were good. A relief, actually. Some of them were really crisp, and for a second, I forgot I was eating healthy. I thought that they were my regular potato chips.

And finally, I'm making some broccoli at the moment, and I plan on seasoning it with soy and garlic.

Overall, today was pretty good. Like yesterday, there was never really a point where I was hungry, but I was craving (mind you, those are two different things). I was craving in the sense that I wanted comfort food. I kept dreaming of devil's food cake and hearty spaghetti. I ended up turning on the food network just so I could vicariously live through some of those lucky chefs, chowing down on steaks and ice cream.

I constantly had to keep reminding myself: It will hopefully all be worth it in the end. Looking at myself in the mirror, I feel a little thinner. My stomach isn't as bloated as it was before; my waist looks a little smaller. I know that sounds like a lot of progress after two days, but it gave me a little boost of confidence. The worst is almost over. Once I make it to Sunday, it will be smooth sailing xd #ToughItOut #SkinnyFit

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. And if you've started the diet, I'm interested in your meal plans and how you're coping!

My 3 Goals
I told you guys to start out with 3 easy attainable goals, so I did so myself. It took a lot of preparation (as I mentioned in my first post), but it was so worth it because I finally found something that I think I can do! I'm excited to get started.

1. Complete the Eat Your Heart Out Diet
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When I found this, I was so excited! It was a perfect fit for me--eat as much as you want for a short period of time! I haven't tried it out yet, so I cannot exactly personally recommend it, but I have done a lot of research and I can assure you that it has been doctor approved. I'll be documenting my progress along the way.

2. The Ab & Squat Challenge
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I really liked the idea of this because it is really simple. Only 3 exercises, once every day for 30 days. I've tried doing these a couple of times, but I always failed for a variety of reasons. I recommend that if you try this out, you are mentally prepared and dedicated. Set a time that you are gonna do it, otherwise you'll never fully commit.

3. Stop drinking pop

This one seems to be the easiest, but it's really not. At my house, we always have a stock of sugary drinks, and as a result, I have become addicted to Diet Coke/Pepsi. I'm honestly really thinking that this might be the hardest to tackle.

So there's all 3 of mine. I would love to hear your comments, questions, suggestions, etc!

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Getting Started
Hey guys! So i recently just started this whole weight-loss process. It took a lot of contemplation and just figuring out what I wanted to do. I recommend that you do the same. Find diets and exercises that you enjoy or think that you will succeed at. There's no point in torturing yourself for the next six weeks and hoping to come out refreshed and beautiful in the end! No way! Do stuff that excites you, and it will make this journey so much more easy and rewarding. I also recommend taking baby steps. I've tried dieting a lot before and trust me, I was super unsuccessful when I tried to stop eating meat all together, exercise 4 times a week, stop drinking pop.


Yes, it's good to set goals and stick to them, but don't throw it on yourself all at once. It's not fair. It's not good. It's not healthy. I recommend starting with three, small, easy attainable goals. That makes things so much easier for you, and you won't feel overburdened!

In conclusion: Step easy goals for yourself, and make them for difficult as time goes by. This process of attaining the kind of beautiful you want to be should be fun and enjoyable!

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