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Name: Nina
Race: Bunny Hybrid Monster
Age: Just under mid-twenties


Gallery Here.

Body type: In both her human and her hybrid from, she has a very toned and lean, but definitely on a bit more of a muscular build. She's very tall and a little leggy, as well as fairly busty for her muscular body type.
Her monster form sees even more build out of muscle tone, though not Hulkishly so.

Jewelry: Her bunny ears have a cuff (right) with a chain. She wears a silver chain built with a red stone that rests on her hip.

Markings: Tattoos that creep up her arms.

Eyes: In her human form, her eyes are normal-looking, and are an extremely light brown--almost gold. In hybrid and monster form, her eyes turn a bright orange-yellow shade with the pupils slightly oval shaped. Her monster form has black scleras (the white of the eye).

Hair: Her hair is very long and black with the bangs short and choppy and is generally in a low pony tail tied at the nape of her neck unless she's in monster form, in which it usually ends up loose. Varying stripes of yellow and pink are vibrant and stand out against the rest of her black hair.


Personality: Depending on her form, Nina can swing from freakishly intelligent and sly to outright insane. In human or human/bunny hybrid, she's extremely coy and curious--sometimes even naive and outright cute. However, when she shifts into her monster form, any true coherence is lost and she's either cackling or viciously blood thirsty.

History: She's not particularly fleshed out as I've only used her for a bit of a roleplay that fell through quite quickly, unfortunately.