Boys there the most confusing thing to ever apper on this planet they call us confusing. But they're way worse they try to keep us in the dark by lying to us and most of all they break our hearts. They 're stupid they don't know how much power they hold . Girls like me will do almost any thing for the guy they like. I trust them complty but I never get the same in return. I always treat them with respect and don't take them for granted is it so hard to ask for the same thing in return. Some times I don't know if it's the guys or me . I don't know what I do wrong. Am I to boring, to girly ,too tomboyish, to tall, ugly,my voice what's wrong with me.
Or is it something I can't control. Sometimes I feel like god might just be playing a joke on me cause of all the heart break I've been through. I hope he's getting a laugh out of it cause I'm not. Is it so hard to get a boyfriend that won't cheat, lie, take advantage Of me, take me for granted, show me with some respect I have th relationship last more than 3 weeks. I want a relationship to a least last a year maybe even a month.
And to make things worse I have to deal with the bi****s that go to my school are always talking about me and just making my day worse . People treat me like a joke and I don't know how much more I can take. And the one person I cared about most, would do anytihng for, trust with anything screwed me over.I feel like such an idiot I should be used to this by now I'm always going to be second choice or no choice at all. My life is so sad I didn't get my first kiss at 14 and I'm 15 and to make things worse he dumped me to days later and told every one that was my first kiss. I just hate myself sometimes cause nothing I seemed to do will ever get a boy to take me seriously