.. Is full of surprises. Some pleasant and some not. I wish there were a bit more pleasant ones but, eh, what can you do? The first unwanted surprise was the loss of the guy I was very deeply fallen for. But I guess he felt the need to date other people. The next unwanted surprise is the fluke hurricane that came through Indiana and left me without power for about 3 days. I used to live on Long Island and hurricanes were an expected part of life, but Indiana getting hit by one is like WTF?! So now the roof of my house is missing shingles and some trees fell : (.

Some good news is that I'll be getting my license soon !! Finally : ) October 13th is my road test and if I pass that I am going to be the proud owner of a shiny piece of plastic that gives me the right to drive by myself wherever my little heart desires. And then soon after that my parents said that they would but me a cheap car just so long as I pay them back for it, which works for me. I can't wait.

More good news is that I'll be starting college soon. I can't wait. My first day is January 7th. I should have started in October but with my lack of license, car and experience driving that won't work out to well. I'm going to The Art Institutes for Graphic Design. It's going to be awesome : )