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The New Age
Hehehehehehe I am a totally different person than I was 2 years ago....I would definitely have to say that... I am so much cooler than yo nasty booty ;3
You: hiii lol
Stranger: biggrin
You: smile
Stranger: i like your shirt!
You: haha well thanks lol
Stranger: can i ask a question?
Stranger: (not for you to take off your cloths)
You: umm yeah haha
Stranger: whose cuter?
You: omgg well this is gonna be hard
You: you guys are oretty close
Stranger: dont patronize us!
You: holddd on gimmie a seconddd hahah
You: OMggg I don't knooow you guys are like equally cuuute
Stranger: cmon!
Stranger: no hard feelings
You: I know I know, but like if I were to choose one, I wouldn't be able too
Stranger: ok
Stranger: how bout this
Stranger: theres a gun to ur head
Stranger: and the guys like
Stranger: decide between these 2 guys or we'll lkill you
You: ummmmmmm okay thats dumb but lol
Stranger: it gets the job done
You: LOL Okay I think I have it
You: Okay first tell me your names lol
Stranger: jesse is in the dark shirt and rj is in the light
You: hahaha mmmmmm okay okay lol I'd prolly go withhh
You: RJ lol
You: no wait
Stranger: GOD DAMN IT
You: Maybe Jesse lol
Stranger: its too late now
You: hahaha come oneeeee
You: LOL
Stranger: i give up
Stranger: <3
You: you said no hard feelings lol
Stranger: from rj
You: haha
Stranger: bye!
Stranger: D:
Stranger: wait
You: no but seriously you guys are both equally cute so like how can you expect me to choose
Stranger: will you take off your shirt for rj?
You: Hahaha heck no lol
You: you ain't that cute lol
Stranger: how bout pants?
Stranger: but together
Stranger: we are that cute
You: actually on second thought, I'll go for jesse if he won't ask me to get naked lol
Stranger: well, in any case, your boobies look very nice
You: haha why thank you wink
Stranger: wink

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