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Charli Rocks and so do my friends who care about me. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
Its Over!!!! T.T
Guard is over. We all had our last season with Yuri, Tammy and Niccole. I'm going to miss them all very much and its not going to be that same with out them. crying So we have awards for everyone and I got the "cute and little" award. I guess I'm cute! whee I also got the rookie of the year! blaugh I didn't think I would. and it makes me so happy. I was about to cry but it would be a happy cry. Sorry Shia I think i might join again next year. Its important to me and your a great friend and I know you will understand.

Okay everyone I made it through a guard season with out crying. Our guard took 16th out of 64 and we were 1 point from finals. I found out who my secret pal was and its all cool in the guard. It was Gabby by the way. Oh and did I mention Tess our senior won $3000!!!! Yep its true and we are all proud of her.

Okay since I'm in a marching band The girls all have to use a locker room for showers during spat camp. Well at spat camp i got a wort on my big toe and I tryed some wort remover but it maltiplyed and now I have to deal with the pain of getting them burned off god it sucks and is the most ainful thing that I have ever done in my life.

Matt Grad.
My brother Matt just grad. i love him and all but I think I'll miss him. He on eof my best friends. I like to take his movies but soon I won't be able to. I need Matt to stay. Last night was his grad. thingy. I went to see him and I cryed. I know I will miss him and I hope he has fun at him new school.


WHY ME?????
Okay so I'm just a normal person. Right? I don't know I feel like all my friends don't really like me. Theres a couple like my friend Shia and my boyfriend Chris, I know that they care about me but I don't know. When I see people smiling I copy I do the same. I have so many problems but I hide them with a smile. I don't want people to have to deal with my problems but I want a little help. I feel like everyone is going super fast and I'm going so slow that I'm being left behind. I what to know who I am and what I will become. neutral I really have no one to talk to about my problems. I have friends but I'd rather talk about their problems then my own. I know I can talk to them but when I want to I can't find the words. cry I loose people all around me and I always have a smile but thats not who I am. I don't even know who I am. I go to school like everyone else right? I breath like you and me right?
I don't know... I guess I just need to write it all out in something. stare

Misha confused

Well When my mother and I were going to go get my brother frank at his friends hose we saw a dog. The dog was a chocolate lab and it was so cute. It was to fat to be a stray so my mom said we could take it in. When we got back to my house we fed it and tryed to put it into a Kenal but the pour dog just howled. By this point it had already woken up my dad. so We brought it into the house. and I ended up sleeping with him. He kept me up all night with his snoring. in the morning we called the police and found his family. My family called him Buster but his real name is Mason. I miss him now and wish I would of taken a picture of him when I had the chance. heart


oka y well I haven't put anything in this for a while so here I go.

I went to the MOA for an all night park thingy and got really sick. But I didn't miss school I wish i could of but I didn't.

I just saw this movie call in the land of wormen. I feel bad for the guy in the movie cause he lost his grandmother and so have I . I know how it feels like to loose someone you care about.

Next my family killed our pool. the lining in it is all screwed up. now people have to come out and fix it. I just want to swim in it.

Well I'm pretty sure that I'm failing all my classes. they went from and a to an f. I hate school.

I give up now so bye.
Misha blaugh

Yet another....
cry In my family we had yet another death. cry I lost my great grandmother. I will forever miss her. I guess I kinda thought she would die soon but not this soon. sad I could talk to her. She might have not been able to reply but I still could talk to her. crying I'm going to miss her. crying I totally loved her and I always will.

I hate myself right now... I can't do anything right. I fall up the stairs, I can't get an A in any of my classes, And I have no clue on what i want to do in my life. I want to do something with my life but what is there? I can't do anything active because of my stupid legs and I want to join something but I don't know what. Shia I need help. I am so stressed and I can't help but be. cry My parents are gone and I am itting at a computer. I need more to my life then just a computer and drumline. I want more then just movies and music. I know that music and drumline are my life but I quit I want more. stare I want to be someone new. I want to completely redo my life just to see if it would turn out the same. Would I still be here at this computer or would I be doing something with my life. Maybe i'd be doing something that I can go to collage for. I don't know. crying I just can't help but wonder what it would be like to start over.

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