Today we had a two-hour delay due to snow (god i hate snow), which means i got to have two lunches, and slept in. That was fun.
I also got to turn in a paper that completely complained about another teacher because she's horrible! biggrin
(BTW, the teacher i wrote about yelled at me aaaalll day.)
But anyway, today was fun.
I killed things on Garrett's iPod. ^^ Yay! Little caveman pplz go poof!
So today was mostly good.
If you're reading this, tell me how your day was! What happened?

So that's all i feel like writing today, and i might be able to put a little blurb here everyonce in a while or when something interesting happens. It's not like many pplz are gonna be reading this, so it doesn't matter what I say, right? ^^
Baibai for nao!