The fact you haven't noticed, The way you seem to be
It breaks my heart and causes pain, a sadness deep inside me
I'm desperate for you to notice, these signals I am sending
But it is truly clear, its your heart you won't be lending

Perhaps you have outgrown me, or drifted far away
Though I want you to be happy, I also wish you'd stay
I thought you'd hang around, as long as I gave care
But now I'm on the sidelines, to sit, watch, and stare

Perhaps I never meant to you, what you have meant to me
I won't reach out anymore, so I guess we soon shall see
If you feel resentment, for something that I've done
It isn't clear to me, why this game has now begun

I feel I am invisible, you clearly have moved on
The closeness that we used to have, is very nearly gone
I guess I've been annoying you, Perhaps I shouldn't care
And though you may come back one day, I will not be there...