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Happy Holidays and Commissions Happy Holidays everyone! Tis the season of giving, and wouldn't it be nice if to give a friend or love one their very own chibi? If interetested, please visit: http://kitkatz.deviantart.com/journal/7156436/

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OMG.. RL Commissions?

Yes. I’m taking the plunge again. I had tried it 3 years ago, and it sorta didn’t work. I got a few, but generally it just died. My ego is fragile, and I got scared, so I just stopped. Maybe I didn’t advertise it well enough. I dunno. But fast forward some years. After some lovely people on Gaia had asked about them, I’m gonna take a deep breath and try again.

I want to try to make it as simple as possible, so please bare with me. Maybe I’ll add more as I get more comfortable with doing these. For now though, I’m going to be offering 3 kinds of drawings, with 4 different options. Lemme elaborate:

The 3 types of drawings:
1. Mini chib: Chibi approx 2 heads tall. Image size about 600 pixel height [link]
2. Lil chib: Chibi approx 3 heads tall. Image size about 650 pixel height. [link]
3. Bust: From Head to shoulders/chest. Arm(s) and/or hand(s) may be added for atheistic appeal. About 600-700 pixels height. [link]

The 4 types of options: [link]
1. Sketch – Pencil sketch of image. Can add color gradient to lines if you like. If not specified, I’ll choose. No bg.
2. Inked – Digitally inked of image. No bg.
3. Inked with solid colors – Digitally inked with solid flat colors. No bg.
4. CG – Inked and full color of image. A solid bg/very minimal color bg.

=== Prices ====

Mini chib:
Sketch - $10
Inked - $14
Inked w/ solid color - $16
CG - $20

Lil Chib:
Sketch - $12
Inked: $16
Inked w/ solid color - $18
CG: $25

Sketch – $15
Inked: - $18
Inked w/ solid color – $20
CG: $30

Paypal only. No snail mail. I’m still a bit confused about the paypal thing. I know it’s free to send payment but not free to receive certain kinds of funds. So I’ll what happens. XD.

Send payment to: papaiya@hotmail.com.
Please note that I intentionally spelled it wrong so you gotta spell it that way.

Will Draw:
heart Anthro
heart Gaian Characters (not cluttered)
heart OC
heart OC with no ref pic. BEWARE. If there are no ref pics, and only descriptions, you cannot expect me to visually know exactly you’re describing and match what you think it should be. My interpretation of something will be different from yours, so you run the risk of not getting it “exactly” how you want it. You cannot be a**l/nit picky and have me try to change it 100 times before you’re satisfied.

- Porn, Gore, Things above PG-13
- Overly cluttered characters (Gaian or OC)
- Mecha (Terrible at mechanical things)
- Certain Gaian items (like special effects). Check with me first
-: Characters with vague descriptions. Things like, “character has blue hair, and brown eyes” is vague. How long is the hair? What’s the hair style? But being overly nit picking (i.e “She has blue long hair that goes to her waist, with a curl on the left, and her bangs part ¾ of the way from her right ear, and a pony tail with 2 rose pins, 1 white flower and 7 glitter beads, etc etc” is a tad too much).

- I have the right to refuse your order. Don’t complain if I do.
- Image is for personal use only. The character is © you, but I own the image. You can resize your image, but you can’t alter it without my permission.
- Once you have acquired a slot, you have 5 days to send full payment. I won’t start on your image till then. If ordering a CG, I will show you the initial sketch for your approval before I color. When I show you the sketch that’s when you can have me change anything you need me to change. Once you approve the sketch, no more changes.
- That’s what I have thus far. I’ll add more if something arises.

How to acquire a slot:
1. See if there’s a slot open.
2. PM the form to me. I prefer that you note me on DA, so I can keep everything together, but if you don't have a DA account, pming me on gaia is fine.
3. If I approve I’ll pm you back to let you know.
4. Send payment. When you send payment, please let me know what your paypal email/name is. I don’t think it’d be an issue figuring out who’s who, but just to make sure that I don’t accidentally think your payment belongs to someone else.


[size=22][color=green] I ish want a commission[/color][/size]
[b]Type of Drawing(s) you want: [/b]
[b]Total Price:[/b]
[b]Character Description/References:[/b]


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