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Partnered Writing

I have been pondering an idea for awhile that might be cool to try out. My idea is to collaborate with another writer(s) to figure out an okay storyline/plot/setting that the story starts out with. Then every chapter the story will swap off to the other person. For example I write chapter 1, you write chapter 2, I write chapter 3, you write chapter 4, etc...

I understand two different writing styles would make it a bit weird, but the idea itself is solely for fun or for a creative way to write and be able to continue a story along in which the direction it could go is endless considering the two writers have no say in how the other writer continues the story in each chapter. So it could potentially start out as a girl who has a disease, yet a few chapters in it is introduced that she has the ability to fly. In this aspect, the storyline is being changed yet the overall novel is being progressed. The ending is never decided upon as the story has no ending. I understand there would eventually be multiple climactic points and it would begin to get all mumbled and twisted but this is more of a free form type writing thing that I have been wanting to try with somebody.

This is going to be a sort of novel. Not a short story.

Interested? Reply to this topic or PM me! I am open to just about any storyline idea to start out with! If you ask a bunch of questions I won't mind. I am very open to what your opinions are.

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I will answer some obvious questions below.

Who are the stories characters?
- The main character/personality is decided upon(or not) and every other character thrown in is never decided upon. So if you add a character in chapter 2, I am forced to deal with that character being in the story and would continue the story in chapter 3 with them involved.

How will the chapters be handled?
- As long or short as you would like. We will PM them back and fourth so you can read what the other person has wrote and continue things along. The story could potentially change up every chapter as new things are introduced or taken away.

Do I have to write the next chapter immediately?
- The sooner the better. I am on daily but if you take a few days off, i don't mind. I understand everyone has a life outside of the internet.

What if I get stuck or cannot continue it because I run out of idea's?
- If this happens then we can discuss what our next move is.

What if I don't like what you wrote in the previous chapter?
- I understand you might have story idea's and it gets ruined by what I write in the next chapter or you might hate it if I kill a character off. This is something you just have to deal with because I am positive I won't like every single thing you write either. The point of this is to have fun and be able to continue the storyline along in a creative way. Not to be entirely serious and make some sort of epic book that you plan to publish.

I am adding more questions and answers since people are constantly asking questions.

Can we kill characters?
- Yes and no. The main character never dies unless me and you both agree. Other than that, any side character is open to death from either of us. If it is an important supporting character, we can leave him/her alive.

I don't get how this works.
- It is simple. We pick a genre, or don't. We discuss who the main character is going to be. Whether it be male or female. Or we can leave the main character up in the air for whoever writes chapter 1. We decide who writes chapter 1. Then once chapter 1 has been written and handed off to the other person, there is NO discussion on storyline from that point forward. They simply write chapter 2 going off chapter 1 and so fourth. The storyline could potentially be skewed or changed, or maybe stay the same form that point forward. It all depends on how things unfold.

How do we send the story back and fourth?
- PM takes away indention's and any formatting. If you don't like PM then we can use email.

This is not a role play. It is a legitimate novel styled story. I understand if you are not that good of a writer but at least try to write your chapters descriptively. Add in how they feel, what they are thinking, describe their surroundings...etc. Do your best!