Fianlly found a new place to rest. While it may be a Gas station, there's not exactly a lot of choices now adays. So far the only zombies I have seen have been dead ones. Lucky me....Also seen a few other humans in this general area. A group of 3, a band of 7 and another lone wander like me. I was able to talk with the lone one, he seemd to be sorta like me, someone that already had been moving before this whole infection thing came about. he was able to teach me some shooting tips in exchange for 4 clips of my ammo. A good trade in my oppnion. he set up some dead bodies and taught me to shot them while they were moving a bit. That was...let see....3 days ago. Other than that, it has been rather un eventful for me luckily. Some of the TV stastions are still going, telling of evac points around the country. I'm not going toward them. It's been a week and form what the TV says, they still only know how to kill them with explosions. Are Zombie movies really that unpopular? it's like only the gamers of the world were ready for this. Anyways, I better et off....I hear moaning and I'm not sure if they can hear the clicking of a keyboard......
4 pistol clips
Hockey Stick