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I am your King! Bow down to me!

Community Member
My OC's
Clyde Dio Rollington
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthdate: March 22
Nationality: Alien Grape from outterspace (yes your read that right)
Occupation: English Teacher (in his mind he is the king though)
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: (No set weight yet)
Blood Type: Welche's Grape juice
Likes: Monkeys holding spoons, smoking, green apples, and watermelon!
Dislikes: Golfing, red apples, Seether's 'bad' habits, and well fat people.
(Note: Seether is my friend Feel Good Inc Ja's OC NOT mine. They are just simply a married couple XD)

Personality: Overly dramatic, a health nut, and somewhat of a complainer. (Very bitchy as well)

Appearance: [X] [X] [X]

TekTek: User Image][X]

Random Facts:
- Clyde goes by his nickname Dio
- He is a married man to Seether
- He is an alien grape from outterspace
- In his head he thinks he is the king
- He HATES golfing because of his (dead) father.
- His father died because Seether killed him =/
- He has a sister named April (whom he always calls Alice or Ecila)
- He doesnt get ANY female names right
- From his home planet incest is okay, but he still thinks its morally wrong
- He didnt know who his mother was until a recent blood test (read the next fact)
- The ONLY woman he ever slept with turned out to be his mom (yuck!) and in result he had a son (whom he refuses to look at)
- He has a love for little boys (though he's not a *****)
- He loves to dress up and at one time was a model but quit (because he thought he was better than that XD)
- He hates the book Farienheit 451 but reads it ALL the time (I bet I spelled the title wrong)

Valter Lorens
Gender: Both (he/she has the ability to sitch back and fourth)
Age: 23
Birthdate: August 17
Nationality: Swedish (or so he/she says)
Occupation: Unemployed (currently that is)
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: (no set weight yet)
Blood Type: (who cares?)
Likes: Hotpockets, other's bad habits, and soft skin
Dislikes: Comitment to others, the color yellow, and grapes.

Personality: Rude, speaks his/her mind, and sort of uncaring.

Appearance: (currently have none O wink

TekTek: User Image][X]

Random Facts:
- Valter openly changes his/her gender all the time
- Valter is usually in male form seeing as how that's what he/she prefers
- Valter lives in Dio's house (due to his/her habit of being a bum)
- Due to his/her love of hotpockets, he/she is usually seen eating one

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