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What is inside my very being.
Hello in this journal are very personal poems. Yes these are how I feel. Please dont pity me or feel sorry. Because you either dont care enough or are to late to even rescue me from this fate. :)
Crystalized Blood.
A knife hidden,
In my shelfs,
So many possibilities.

To many times do I think,
Of cascading my liquid red,
In a vial for my own pleasure.

So intresting it is,
To think of my body pale,
My blood pooling around my body.

Dreams of my death,
Breaking my bones,
Devouring me half way.

Can I call myself human?
When I have the intent to kill?
Can I call myself human?
Knowing it would be so easy to take my own?
Can I call myself human?
When I dream of pain?

As good may she be,
Evil I might be,
Charging into battle with are awesome power.

Taking lifes in the battlefield,
Terrorizing all that are innocent,
Fighting to see which will win.

Good or Evil?

Take the life of my lovelies,
Ill take the life of yours,
To the end we fight.

To the end we fight,
To see who has won,
To the end we fight,
To see which beauty will overwhelm,
To the end we fight,
To see the fear in are eyes.

Will no one save me?
From my night time torture?
Will no one break this curse?

No one can save me.
No one will hear my cries.
No one wields hope anymore.

I cry red,
I drip red,
I drink red.

I fear there is not much left for me,
Though of course there is,
The question is.

Will I enjoy it?

No one in this day,
Has true love from so long ago,
Only masks.

I wish I were a butterfly,
Gliding across the wind,
Fleeing my dooms.

Atleast finnally then I would be seen as pretty.

Someone take a shovel to my face.
Someone take a shoe to my face.
Someone take a pole to my face.

Rip out my bones.
Rip out my muscle.
Rip out my organs.

Set them in a jar,
In a dark room,
Sing dark words to this eternal night.

Why is it we need magic,
To spark the love?

Though we only need pain,
To birth fear?

Will all the mysteries in this world,
Reveal to me,
So that I may be one with you?

I have a knife,
Hidden on my shelfs,
So that I can bring pain to myself.

I giggle at the picture of my pain,
I weep at the picture of my happiness,
What is wrong with me?

Someone show me one thing,
Why the light is so beautiful,
You cant.

Because theres nothing beautiful,
In a life you cant define happiness,
So show me one thing.

Why the dark is so beautiful,
Oh ho ho ho you say,
Because you can never see things.

So that the short glimpse you do get. Is beyond what you thought.

Take my hand! Pull me from this hole!
Show me why im worth it! So I dont have to feel so damn sorry!

Someone rip me apart,
Im so tired of there s**t.

They think life is so beautiful,
Because they have something to go for,
Though I already have what I need.

Tell me now.
Tell me now.

Do you really think me stupid?

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