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A story i have been writing for extra credit in english class and has caught the interst of my firends. so i decided to share it with others.
Peering golden eyes locked onto my face and I could feel them burning a hole as they just watched me. I could not find words to explain what I was seeing nor make sense of it. What had happen to the world as I knew it? Was it no longer among me or was I just in some vivid dream I wish to wake up from soon? I wasn’t sure but I was sure I was about to find out soon…
Let’s stop and rewind a bit shall we, and explain to you a bit about me and how I got to this bizarre place. My name is Leo Erin Wilson, odd name I know who names their daughter Leo? My crazy parents do, that’s who, but I’ve grown attached to it so I’m not changing it anytime soon. Well anyways, I’m just an average girl with a normal life except for the fact my parents owned the University of Stalin, which I happen to be attending. I have long black hair and coffee brown eyes. Like I said, normal but the year when I turned 21 was the year I shall never forget. I was diagnosed with an illness that was not known to anyone anywhere. I had become the next guinea pig in the government’s study. I was poked and probed in just about every spot in my body until they concluded there was no way in saving me, so my parents decided to freeze me. I protested with all my strength but even at 21 I fell under my parents rule and was frozen for what seemed like days but was really centuries.
A hissing sound roamed around my ear like a buzzing mosquito. I stirred from my heavy slumber, my limbs felt heavy and numb. I slowly opened my eyes the brightness from the lights burned my eyes and it took them a few moments to adjust before I realized what looked like a man was looking down at me. I jumped and hit my head on the glass door of my little tube-like room. The irritating buzzing sound was coming from the machine itself as it melted away the ice and left me cold wet and unpleased. I looked up and the man whom I saw before had gone. A loud pop sound came from behind me and it startled me, with that of course I hit my head again. The glass door slowly opened with a creek of rusty hinges.
I pulled myself out of the cold water and looked around the room; it looked exactly the same as the day I went in. White wall made up the room, to my left was a silver tray with a whole bunch of things I could not identify, a chrome sink, a trash can, and old creepy paintings on the wall that are suppose to make you feel comfortable.
“Wow did they find a cure already? It’s only been what 4 or 5 days,” I told myself amazed.
“Not quite, if the date on your little vessel is correct,” a deep husky voice said from behind me.
I jumped and turned on my heel quickly to find no one there. Was I going crazy? No I knew I heard someone and I was 100% positive on it. “Where are you? Stop hiding! Come out!” I demanded.
“I’m not hiding your just not looking,” the leathery voice slithered around my ears.

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