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Ode to my Hatred of Abstract
In my profile, in the section where I describe myself to you poor people with no lives, I said "I love the arts (but not abstract, that's a looong rant)" and I was sitting here thinking; it isn't right for me to withhold these people's rights to hearing (or rather, reading) my amazing, world famous rant about abstract! It just wouldn't be right for me not to allow you all to bask in the hate-filled beauty of my own loathing for abstract, so here is my Ode to my Hatred of Abstract. Enjoy the sarcastic bitterness all my rants are sure to bring!

Oh! Abstract! How I hate thee!
You insult and belittle me,
Your free-flowing lines
and pointless dots
Take away from my talents
from my feelings,
my thoughts.

Any old idiot could make a Van Gogh
but not just anybody could paint
a real wolf in the snow.

You might have a black line
and then a white dot
but it's nothing really, as you claim
It's nothing but a black line and a dot
all your "art" is the same.

True art takes time
It takes skill
and takes dreaming
True art invokes
and has meaning

Art takes practice
and time
to obtain perfection
so it looks divine
Real art is not a "tree" made of squares
It's a real detailed tree
That gives us air.

Art is inspired by nature,
by emotion,
your pointless strokes
make me ill
They look like nothing
and they took no time
No sweat or frustration
but boredom and wine.

If pieces of crap,
of which 2-years olds make,
can be considered a masterpiece,
then one day we'll have music
made of squawks and squeaks

Oh! Abstract! How I hate thee!
You, my friend, are nothing to me.

THE END. Hope you enjoyed my ode that took me, like, 10 minutes. xD

Follow me, please! smile http://www.gaiaonline.com/demonbusters?sub=followers&user_id=985834

Just wanted to let you know that I just saw a Viagra advertisement on Gaia! OMG!! Gaia has now been tainted!! >.< How horrible is that?! Geez,what is the world coming to? I guess they figure there's a bunch of ***** on here that need supplies so they're advertising to them or something.

Ooo... Fire...
Hahaha! I have a lighter, and I'm lighting it, haha, imagine that! ^^ I love ze fire! Well, not like lighting things on fire, more like just igniting fires, like candles, the fireplace, and a lighter! ^^ Nothing huge though O.O I don't want to burn my house down....

Anyway, I had a busier weekend than I've had in a while (which is pretty sad). Saturday I got online in the morning, talked to Mitchell-kun. I also had to wake up Mother-san so she could pick up my brother frome work... Mother-san forgot when Brooks-kuns' in-car was and Brooks-kun couldn't remember, so they called me at home, making me flip through this damn notebook, I flipped through it twice before I found the right page, I was half-way done flipping through it for a third time... It turns out they wouldn't be able to visit my cousin Tommy-kun yet, because Brooks-kuns' in-car was in 15 minutes! xD

Then I listened to my CDs on the Media Player on the comp. and turned it up real loud since I was home alone. I was singing my lil' heart out! ^^ Eventually I called Cob-sama or he called me... I dunno.

Later on I went to the high school basketball game to play in Pep Band... it sucked... everyone was panicking... it was a mess... If only Mr.Huff would've been there -_-

I got home, talked to Cob-sama some more then passed-out at ten.

The next morning I wake up at 7:30 -_- and can't get online until 8:30.... So, Mother-san takes Brooks-kun to work, I get online wait for Mitchell-kun and then chat with him... I got off at 11, even though I didn't have to, but I did incase Mother-san woke up.... Then I listened to my CDs a little bit, then turned on Pirates of the Caribbean. ^^ That is one F-ing good movie, with one smokin' hot pirate! mrgreen *cough*CaptainJackSparrow*cough* Mmm... sexiness! xd

I made me some pasta salad (the only thing in the house left that I can eat with chopsticks xD) and by the time I was done making the salad, and half-way through eating, Cob-sama came over. ^^

We watched The Dukes of Hazzard (unrated xp ) after I had to practically dig up my brothers' entire room, and almost broke things before finding it! -_- Jacob loved it, Brooks-kun loved the deleted scenes (also unrated... and by that time I doubted whether my mind could stand to obsorb anymore boobs... xP)

Later on we watched... another movie... oh yeah! The Mummy, which is a REALLY good movie! We didn't even get halfway throguh it though beforehis little brother called for him to go home in a half hour. -_- I was mad! Jacob's stupid parents... Ugh. Oh well.

So yeah... that's my weekend. I sincerely love whoever read all of that! xD

Also, you know what I just noticed? Shouldn't "movie" be spelled "movy" since nothing else that ends with the "e" sound is spelled "ie" unless an s follows! That's just not fair to all the other "e" ending word! Poor left-out words...


~Mags ^^

My appologises to everyone
Okay, I'm going to appologise to anyone and everyone right now ( or at least everyone I can think of....

Firstly, to my Cob-Cob, I'm am sorry that I can at a lot of times be mean to you... I don't mean to, it's like the mean crap rolls off my tongue... You are the sweetest and most caring guy I know! I love you.... oh yeah, and sorry for crushing on other guys when we were going out, now I only have eyes for you, like Joey for example, I hate his guts! ^^ Yay, finally I'm FREE!! Ah, yes... and thankyou for making me fall in love with you... I couldn't have asked for a better soul mate. biggrin heart

Secondly, to my Mitchell. Sorry for teasing you, it's obvious you either don't get it, or don't like it, and I'm sorry... but I'm a teaser by nature, and I've never meant to hurt you by it. Also, sorry for complaining about you being "boring" or "too smart" or whatever... in reality, I love you how you are, you're great!! ^^

To Dan... I doubt you'll read this, but you know... Sorry for doing something to you, that I don't know what I did, but I must've becasue you never talk to me anymore, and I miss talking to you. ^^ Sorry Cousin It is your freaking stalker O.O I've yelled at her many times already. Sorry I sent you that one PM becasue I was upset at the time.... Oh yeah, and I'm sorry for in the past, maybe leading you on or something. I don't like you in that way, and I know you don't like me that way either, so stop saying you do....

Sorry to Amiee, for being an a** when you and Arica became friends... I know she was your new friend, but I felt totally ignored and left out, and I missed being able to hang out with you. Oh yeah, sorry for never calling you or replying to your emails... I just want to see you again!! crying

Um... Sorry to Micheal for sometimes ignoring you... xp sorry Mikey...

Hm... Sorry to my most hated enemy, Eric Fisher... Yeah... I'm sorry for SOMETHING.... I'm sorry for being a jerk when you're ACTUALLY being nice! But I guess I want you to know how it feels to be treated like that... I'm an idiot...

To Riggley... sorry for making you fall in love with me! O.O Oh yeah and sorry that Jacob is so deffensive about me... >> I'm not going to leave Jacob for you, and you and I both know that, WHY DOESN'T JACOB? blaugh

Sorry to Kitty Kat for not reading all of that fanfic, it scared me.... sweatdrop Oh yeah, and sorry for being annoying at times... >>;;

Um... who am I missing?!

Oh! Here's another one... sorry to Mandy, for all the obvious... Mostly, I want to say sorry for trashing you when everyone else did as well, when you were going "skater" I should've been more supportive, so sorry. Hm... also sorry for not being there when you cut yourself (or rather I was there, but told you not to do it, rather than trying to figure out why you did it). Um... Sorry that we're not close anymore, and are now (almost literally) strangers. I wish you'd move back here so we could start over again, and I've changed, and I know I'd make a better friend. So all-in-all, my sorry narrows down to, I appologise for never being there.

Okay, that will be it for now... until I think of more.... ^^

That's all I have to say to the movie theatre people!! Yesterday my mum dropped Jacob and I off at the theatre and we go up to the doors, and they're closed!! CLOSED!!! xp Stupid lazy people, it's not even a HOLIDAY!! stare Dumb arses...

So we went to Arby's and I got a roast beef sandwhich (naki mrgreen ) a jamocha shake, and curly fries. I payed for Mother's meal too. It was nummies!! ^^ THEN we had went to the local grocery store and cashed in Kacob's $5 in change and saw Cassandra at work, and bought gum and tic-tacs and made her ring it up. whee

We went to my house after getting his change cashed. What did we do when we got to my house? ninja That's for us to know, and you find out.... I'll give you a clue, it dealt with a computer... rolleyes What could it be?! lol

Cob-Cob, I loves you! ^^


Good News
After being pestered forever, I have finally gotten my very own Xanga. It's nothing special yet, but oh well. You can click on the link in my profile, or go to xanga and look up the_offspring_0, and you'l lbe at my beautiful site! xd

Anyway, that's all I wanted ot say... and oh yeah, Jacob and I are going to the movies today to see "The Ringer" whee


~Maggie Doodle~

P.S. Last night I drew a happy picture! With a happy tree, happy coconut tree, happy cabbage, happy carrot, happy broccoli (me), happy cheese (Jacob), happy clouds, happy grass, a boring flower (Mitchell xd ), and an un-happy sun! I have a whole story for the picture, but I don't feel like explaining it. whee Oh yeah, and the pic is colorful and sparkely, and it makes me happy!! ^^

I'm a loser! Whoot!
Well, why am I a loser, you may ask? Or some of you won't ask... >> Anyway, it is because I MISS MITCHELL!! Damn him and his stupid trip!! Now I have nobody to chat with online, so now Gaia is completely boring! After a week, I'm still no the search for a replacement, and I have yet to find one.... -_- Also, Jacob is in West Virginia now, so WHO AM I GOING TO TALK TO?

Anyway, today is the LAST day of 2005!! I'm not sure if I should be upset or happy...? Altohugh, I doubt that 2006 will be any better... I have no hope for anytihng great to come out of '06....

I'm sorta exciting that this is the last day for a year, isnt it exciting?! It really is if you think about it!! blaugh

Hm... nothing much to say. GO '06!!


After Christmas
On Christmas I got a keyboard, 3 DVDs, a watch, and fuzzy slippers. ^^ Yay, according to Dad, later on I'm going to get more since we didn't have much money at the time. Man, Christmas was annoying... It was murky, foggy, and grey, almost all the snow had melted and there was tons of mud and slush.

Yesterday I went shopping. I went to Best Buy, and Media Play. Man there were some hot guys at Best Buy, I was all eek I need to go to Dublin more often.... ninja Although, Jacob is still the sexiest boy in my life. wink Oh yeah, and I saw a guy check me out as I was looking at CDs xd I love being checked out! It makes me feel better about myself, lol. biggrin Anyway, I bought my three Offspring CDs; Americana, Splinter, and Conspiracy of One. ^^ I stil lneed Ixny on the hombre, or whatever it's called. blaugh Dude, and at Best Buy I saw an Offpsring CD that I've never heard of or seen, and it was when they were still signed with Epitah records, so it must be really old!

We eventuall went to Media Play after my brother alomst got us killed, and we went to Verizon for his new phone. On one of the camera phones, someone had taken their picture and typed above the picture "I'm a f**" I laughed, because I wasn't expecting to open the phone and see that! xd

So yeah, Media Play was cleaned out, empty! They didn't have Cradle of Filth, Children of Bodem, MudVayne, and were out of my Chemical Romance! What was I supposed to buy Jacob?! Everything he wanted was gone! They were out of freaking everything! no to mention, Jacob is picky about his bands. I had to get him my last resort, after being at Media Play for an hour, searching. -_- Ah, oh well.

I still have $21 left, and some odd amount of change that I haven't counted. I had spent roughly $39.

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