i tell you what sucks? when people just seem to have a problem with you for not a good enough reason! today at school me and my friend luke were just joking around with this girl called melissa right? and then luke calls her a skank and a whore, just playfully ofcourse and then she said "no my names melissa!" while knowing luke wasnt serious and so i copy her in a low manly tone and she then flips me off and tells me to ******** up!! oh and this is what got me really pissed off, my friend rebecca said " you just have to watch what you say to girls..." when come on!! we all know it was my friend doing the name calling!!! stressed in the past i have not known this melissa chick and i think she just plain has a problem with me, i mean, i give her a lot of space, heck i dont even talk to her during recess, lunch or very often in that one subject we have together! oh and also a white tip was crawling on my hand in that subject, i shat myself, silently ofcourse.