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Madness In Wonderland

Community Member
First of all emo is a ******** type of music! Then it became a label for depressed people who cut or hurt themselves. YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE ******** DEFINITION. You CAN'T have you're own definition of emo. Yes it means your emotional, but also miserable, you don't try to become happy, and yes, wether people like it or not it means you HURT yourself. You can't just go around saying emos can be happy and don't cut themselves, because then YOU'RE NOT EMO. It's like trying to say "hi" means "bye". When you answer your phone you'r not gonna say "bye" because you feel like it and the the word a new definition and you're not gonna say "hi" when you leave for the same reasons. If you don't cut yourself and you're not miserable don't go around preaching the wrong thing to people! So, you wear all black, but you're happy and scared of knives, right? YOU'RE NOT ******** EMO. Damn people get on my nerves and the sad part is, is that I used to believe in the fake definition of emo. Those of you who are calling yourselves emo because of the way you dress, are just labeling yourselves in a negative way. If you are actually a REAL emo then it's not something to be proud of and I'm sure the people who are emo and know what emo REALLY means, don't appreciate the way people are changing it. It's not cool to be depressed or have deep scars on your arms. It's scary and serious. People should know what they're doing and saying before taking action and making everything the opposite of the truth. It's NOT okay.

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